Terminal client for MangaDex πŸ“–


mangadesk - Terminal client for MangaDex πŸ“–

Download manga directly from your terminal to read!

This client retrieves information straight from MangaDex v5's API.
As the API is still a WIP, some changes (probably breaking) might be expected.

Features ✨

  • Download chapters straight to your computer.
  • Login to keep track of your followed manga.
  • Keep track of already downloaded manga.
  • Download multiple chapters together.
  • Searching!
  • Responsive UI (kind of)
  • Written in Golang :)

Works for Windows/Linux/macOS.

Usage ✍

Simply choose the chapters you want to read to download.

By default, all downloads are stored in a folder titled downloads, relative to where you run the application.

However, you can change this by changing the downloadDir field in the usr/usr_config.json file (this file only appears after running the application at least once!)

Keybindings ⌨

  • Ctrl + L : Login/Logout
  • Ctrl + K : Keybindings/Help
  • Ctrl + S : Search
  • Ctrl + E : Select multiple chapters
  • Esc : Going back

Installation πŸ”§

Check out the releases page for relevant files.

For bleeding edge πŸ—‘ updates, you may compile from source:

git clone https://github.com/darylhjd/mangadesk.git
cd mangadesk
go get -d ./...
go build

Issues ☠

Check out the Issues page for current issues/feature requests.

Contributing 🀝

Always welcome and appreciated :)

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the contributing guidelines.

Learning points 🧠

  • Creating TUIs with tview/tcell.
  • Working with the filesystem in Golang.
  • Goroutines.
  • Go Project structure.
  • [BUG] Mangadesk fails to load images

    [BUG] Mangadesk fails to load images

    There seems to be a new issue at the moment.

    Until yesterday everything was fine, but when I try downloading mangas now I get a lot of "failed" messages. When looking into it, I noticed that it's somehow related to the image size. At least according to my observation. Images below 1 MB in size are downloaded without trouble. Images around 1.5 MB may cause issues but you might succeed on retry. But if there's any image beyond 2.2 MB it fails downloading for sure. Mangadesk will download images up to that troublesome image, then stop. It will fail on redo until the retry limit is reached.

    I tried checking by redownloading a chapter with larger images that I already downloaded some days ago. There was no issue then, now it fails and the images won't load. I also tried on a system with a different ISP, same result.

    When accessing chapters through the website, it works, the images will load and they can be saved manually to hard disk one by one, so it's not that the chapters are broken.

    Currently using the latest Mangadesk version (0.7.7)

    I guess you can check things with any manga title, but if you want one that fails for me, then try this: https://mangadex.org/title/265da069-ca97-434a-ba54-d118ed9b6e7f For me, it fail to download chapter 87 completely - first image is over 3MB in size. On the website it's working just fine.

    opened by dimox99 17
  • [Feature] Display images on terminal instead of downloading its

    [Feature] Display images on terminal instead of downloading its

    Hi @darylhjd, thanks for your works.

    In some cases, instead of persistently stored images locally which could lead to some copyright problems, I guess temporarily store images and let users read directly in their terminal could be a better option.

    I think we could use some libraries like pxl or pixterm for image rendering on terminals. The other things left are: to add new showing screens and navigation on that viewing screen. What do you think about it?

    opened by khanhtc1202 13
  • [BUG] Manga titles on certain manga not displayed & issue with storing decimal chapters

    [BUG] Manga titles on certain manga not displayed & issue with storing decimal chapters

    1. Bug Certain Manga titles fail to display when you search for them. The title column is left blank. As a result, downloading chapters will work, but Mangadesk won't create a subfolder for the manga. Instead Chapters are stored in the downloads folder. This potentially creates a mess, when you download more than one of such title at a time.

    2. Bug Chapter download, folder naming issue Since some time Mangadex allows uploaders to use decimal chapter numbers, e.g. Chapter 8.5. You can see them as such in Mangadesk. When you download such a chapter, this important dot gets removed, so in the folder the chapter is now named like "Chapter85". Now imagine what happens when you have a manga title with tons of decimal chapter... this creates a mess unless you rename the folders manually - which would lead to the download marker being removed.

    To Reproduce Bug 1: search for "9999" - currently bugs out on on first entry, The manga title is missing. You can acces the manga. search for "Tenkosuka" - one result, manga title is blank.

    I'm not sure, what causes this. I suspect the titles might being to long or contain nasty characters

    Bug 2: download any manga with decimal chapters, e.g. search for "Kumo desu ga, nani ka"

    opened by dimox99 12
  • Chapter folder is empty?

    Chapter folder is empty?

    Don't know why but for some reason I'm unable to download the pages of the any manga. the program makes the folder of the series and the chapter but the chapter folder is empty? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong.

    bug needs more information 
    opened by MrComexs 9
  • [BUG] Read Status not updated immediately on toggle.

    [BUG] Read Status not updated immediately on toggle.

    Earlier Toggle Read gave an error (at the time the API was not fixed). At the moment the endpoint was supposedly fixed image We get no errors but Ctrl + R is unresponsive and does not toggle. I even checked via website that the read status of chapters I tested were not updated.

    opened by BaccanoMob 8
  • [Feature Request] Toggle Read Status and Follow Manga option

    [Feature Request] Toggle Read Status and Follow Manga option

    As far as I checked (docs and ctrl+K), there is no way to toggle Read status. If there is then please update the docs and ctrl+K help center in the terminal.

    I think it would be beneficial to implement this so it be easier to track read changes via the terminal itself (like using ctrl+R to toggle maybe after selecting using ctrl+E/A).

    Mostly suggesting this because volume extras or any kind of bonuses are included in between. Since I periodically delete the downloaded chapters, some nearly got skipped because there is no new update feed in the terminal. So it got me thinking if I can ctrl+A and then ctrl+R, I can track what I download/read even if I delete chapters later.

    opened by BaccanoMob 8
  • Configuration File location depending on OS

    Configuration File location depending on OS

    Created a new function for this, and made all the subsequent changes across all the relevant files to take into account the function/name change. Updated README. md with the new information.

    I'm unable to test on MacOS and Windows, since I only use Linux though it appears to be working for me!

    I've cleaned up as best as I can, though this is my first time using Go so do let me know if anything needs changing.

    opened by AmaanHUB 8
  • [Feature Request] Search using Manga ID

    [Feature Request] Search using Manga ID

    Certain manga are difficult to search (unless they have a really lengthy name). For example, searching for "Katsu!" manga, I get a big list as shown below (had to scroll down below to find it) image

    This was not the case when I do it in the website itself (pretty much its the first manga). image

    Though I am not sure how difficult would it be to implement a better search algorithm on par with MD, possible solutions are:

    1)to check value inputted in search bar is of the form (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx - Typical Manga ID form I noticed) then get the manga directly with the ID. 2)or only check against the ID if there are no results (just to skip verifying if its an Manga ID or not part) 3)recognize a weblink (for example https://mangadex.org/title/1d4291f0-8675-427a-9238-dd186375ff0e/katsu or https://mangadex.org/title/1d4291f0-8675-427a-9238-dd186375ff0e) So you get the exact manga immediately.

    bug enhancement 
    opened by BaccanoMob 7
  • Can't backspace in login page

    Can't backspace in login page

    If I type my login wrong I can't backspace and fix it because the help page will show up. I can go back with left arrow key and delete, but can't backspace. Not sure if intended?

    opened by JonathanTTSouza 7
  • [BUG] Not all follows retrieved

    [BUG] Not all follows retrieved


    When logged in, only the first 50 followed manga are fetched from Mangadex

    Expected behaviour: After logging in, all followed manga are retrieved Actual behaviour: After logging in, only 50 followed manga are retrieved Steps to reproduce: Log in to an account with > 50 followed manga Additional info: Looks like you're only sending one request to the server with limit=50. Instead, you should read the 'total' token returned at the end of the list of manga and loop the fetch with offset = offset + limit each time.


    <log in>
    <start of req sequence>
    Req 0: /user/follows/manga?limit=50
    Resp 0: <Manga[0..49]>, total: 812, limit: 50, offset: 0
    Req 1: /user/follows/manga?limit=50&offset=50
    Resp: <Manga[50..99]>, total: 812, limit: 50, offset: 50
    Req 2: /user/follows/manga?limit=50&offset=100
    Resp 2: <Manga[100..149]>, total:812, limit: 50, offset: 100
    Req 15: /user/follows/manga?limit=50&offset=750
    Resp 15: <Manga[750..799]>, total:812, limit: 50, offset:750
    Req 16: /user/follows/manga?limit=12&offset=800
    Resp 16:  <Manga[800..811]>, total: 812, limit: 12, offset: 800
    <end of sequence>


    Fetched manga (50 counted): image Response from the sever using Postman (812 follows total): image

    opened by scott-tancock 6
  • [BUG] Issue with Chapter Download

    [BUG] Issue with Chapter Download

    Currently there seems to be a minor problem when downloading chapters. From my experience, you cannot download a second time from the same manga title without closing and reopening the chapter list first.

    Check for yourself... just open a random manga with several chapters and download one of them, doesn't matter which. You can also select multiple chapters. This download will work just fine. Now, once the queue is finished, select another chapter and try to download that one. Everything looks normal and Mangadesk seems to work, it will also tell you that the second download is okay after some time, but when you look in the manga folder there won't be a new subfolder for the second download. This behavior persists until you close the chapter list in Mangadesk and reopen it,

    opened by dimox99 5
  • [Feature Request] Sorting Followed Manga

    [Feature Request] Sorting Followed Manga

    The reason is similar to #69. Its difficult to find manga in a large list. Ability to switch between "A to Z" and "Latest updated" would be useful (for my case it be easier to narrow down my followed manga search).

    opened by BaccanoMob 5
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