a go library for the HelvarNET protocol

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Christoffer Tombre
Developer at Oslofjord Operations AS and multiple other projects
Christoffer Tombre
A simple tool to convert socket5 proxy protocol to http proxy protocol

Socket5 to HTTP 这是一个超简单的 Socket5 代理转换成 HTTP 代理的小工具。 如何安装? Golang 用户 # Required Go 1.17+ go install github.com/mritd/[email protected] Docker 用户 docker pull m

mritd 3 Nov 2, 2021
A library for the MIGP (Might I Get Pwned) protocolA library for the MIGP (Might I Get Pwned) protocol

MIGP library This contains a library for the MIGP (Might I Get Pwned) protocol. MIGP can be used to build privacy-preserving compromised credential ch

Cloudflare 21 Nov 8, 2021
Gmqtt is a flexible, high-performance MQTT broker library that fully implements the MQTT protocol V3.1.1 and V5 in golang

中文文档 Gmqtt News: MQTT V5 is now supported. But due to those new features in v5, there area lots of breaking changes. If you have any migration problem

null 519 Dec 4, 2021
Go library for writing standalone Map/Reduce jobs or for use with Hadoop's streaming protocol

dmrgo is a Go library for writing map/reduce jobs. It can be used with Hadoop's streaming protocol, but also includes a standalone map/reduce impleme

Damian Gryski 105 Nov 26, 2021
SOCKS Protocol Version 5 Library in Go. Full TCP/UDP and IPv4/IPv6 support

socks5 中文 SOCKS Protocol Version 5 Library. Full TCP/UDP and IPv4/IPv6 support. Goals: KISS, less is more, small API, code is like the original protoc

TxThinking 399 Nov 28, 2021
Package arp implements the ARP protocol, as described in RFC 826. MIT Licensed.

arp Package arp implements the ARP protocol, as described in RFC 826. MIT Licensed. Portions of this code are taken from the Go standard library. The

Matt Layher 266 Nov 25, 2021
A TCP Server Framework with graceful shutdown, custom protocol.

xtcp A TCP Server Framework with graceful shutdown,custom protocol. Usage Define your protocol format: Before create server and client, you need defin

xfx 130 Nov 27, 2021
Diameter stack and Base Protocol (RFC 6733) for the Go programming language

Diameter Base Protocol Package go-diameter is an implementation of the Diameter Base Protocol RFC 6733 and a stack for the Go programming language. St

Alexandre Fiori 186 Nov 28, 2021
SMPP 3.4 Protocol for the Go programming language

SMPP 3.4 This is an implementation of SMPP 3.4 for Go, based on the original smpp34 from Kevin Patel. The API has been refactored to idiomatic Go code

Alexandre Fiori 177 Nov 16, 2021
Implementation of the FTPS protocol for Golang.

FTPS Implementation for Go Information This implementation does not implement the full FTP/FTPS specification. Only a small subset. I have not done a

Marco Beierer 26 Jul 26, 2021
network multiplexing and framing protocol for RPC

TChannel Network multiplexing and framing protocol for RPC Read the Docs Languages: Node.js, Python, Go, Java Questions: Open a Github issue Uber's OS

Uber Open Source 1.1k Dec 4, 2021
Inspired by go-socks5,This package provides full functionality of socks5 protocol.

The protocol described here is designed to provide a framework for client-server applications in both the TCP and UDP domains to conveniently and securely use the services of a network firewall.

Zhangliu 61 Oct 2, 2021
A new way of working with Protocol Buffers.

Buf All documentation is hosted at https://buf.build. Please head over there for more details. Goal Buf’s long-term goal is to enable schema-driven de

null 3.2k Dec 6, 2021
A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol

An ACME Shell script: acme.sh An ACME protocol client written purely in Shell (Unix shell) language. Full ACME protocol implementation. Support ACME v

acme.sh 24.5k Dec 2, 2021
🔎Sniffing and parsing mysql,redis,http,mongodb etc protocol. 抓包截取项目中的数据库请求并解析成相应的语句。

go-sniffer Capture mysql,redis,http,mongodb etc protocol... 抓包截取项目中的数据库请求并解析成相应的语句,如mysql协议会解析为sql语句,便于调试。 不要修改代码,直接嗅探项目中的数据请求。 中文使用说明 Support List: m

Four 1.5k Dec 2, 2021
Capture packet request/response pairs for a port and/or IP to aid in Network protocol based Nuclei Templates creation.

network-fingerprint Capture packet request/response pairs for a port and/or IP to aid in Network protocol based Nuclei Templates creation. Resources I

ProjectDiscovery 43 Nov 26, 2021
Antenna RPC is an RPC protocol for distributed computing, it's based on QUIC and Colfer. its currently an WIP.

aRPC - Antenna Remote Procedure Call Antenna remote procedure call (aRPC) is an RPC protocol focused on distributed processing and HPC. aRPC is implem

Raphael de Carvalho Almeida 3 Jun 16, 2021
A Protocol Buffers compiler that generates optimized marshaling & unmarshaling Go code for ProtoBuf APIv2

vtprotobuf, the Vitess Protocol Buffers compiler This repository provides the protoc-gen-go-vtproto plug-in for protoc, which is used by Vitess to gen

PlanetScale 356 Nov 28, 2021