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Roxy the Frontend Proxy

Roxy Lalonde

Our mascot, Roxy Lalonde.

Roxy is an Internet-facing frontend proxy which provides the following features:

  • Automatically obtains TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt; no need to manage certificates manually or to install and configure Certbot
  • Able to inject and rewrite headers in the incoming request, before your application sees them
  • Able to inject and rewrite headers in the outgoing response, allowing you to centrally control your Internet-visible server headers
  • Comprehensive request logging in JSON Lines format
  • Can serve static files directly, without need for nginx, lighttpd, etc.

See our GitHub Pages site for more documentation.

  • Feature: allow usage of systemd provided state directory as fs storage path

    Feature: allow usage of systemd provided state directory as fs storage path

    Use Case:

    Systemd provides the "StateDirectory=" directive which sets the $STATE_DIRECTORY environment variable to a systemd managed persistent directory (for example systemd ensures that it has the right permissions if the service file uses the DynamicUser facilities).

    It would be nice to be able to use this as the storage directory for the file system storage.

    Possible Implementation:

    The simplest implementation enabling this use case would be to expand environment-variables in fs:path (for example via os.ExpandEnv()) Other possibilities include doing this expansion for all configuration values or handling the case of systemd explicitly as part of the fs storage driver (e.g. activly looking for $STATE_DIRECTORYand possibly $CREDENTIALS_DIRECTORY introduced in systemd 247.)

    If you have a preferred solution I would be happy to open a corresponding pull request :)

    opened by mxrth 1
Donald King
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Donald King
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