Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

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NASA SWH Comanche Luminary

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Original Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) source code for Command Module (Comanche055) and Lunar Module (Luminary099). Digitized by the folks at Virtual AGC and MIT Museum. The goal is to be a repo for the original Apollo 11 source code. As such, PRs are welcome for any issues identified between the transcriptions in this repository and the original source scans for Luminary 099 and Comanche 055, as well as any files I may have missed.


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md before opening a pull request.


If you are interested in compiling the original source code, check out Virtual AGC.


Copyright Public domain
Comanche055 Part of the source code for Colossus 2A, the Command Module's (CM) Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) for Apollo 11
Assemble revision 055 of AGC program Comanche by NASA
2021113-051. 10:28 APR. 1, 1969
Luminary099 Part of the source code for Luminary 1A, the Lunar Module's (LM) Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) for Apollo 11
Assemble revision 001 of AGC program LMY99 by NASA
2021112-061. 16:27 JUL. 14, 1969
Assembler yaYUL
Contact Ron Burkey [email protected]
Website www.ibiblio.org/apollo
Digitalisation This source code has been transcribed or otherwise adapted from digitized images of a hardcopy from the MIT Museum. The digitization was performed by Paul Fjeld, and arranged for by Deborah Douglas of the Museum. Many thanks to both.

Contract and Approvals


This AGC program shall also be referred to as Colossus 2A.

This program is intended for use in the CM as specified in report R-577. This program was prepared under DSR project 55-23870, sponsored by the Manned Spacecraft Center of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration through contract NAS 9-4065 with the Instrumentation Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.

Submitted by Role Date
Margaret H. Hamilton Colossus Programming Leader
Apollo Guidance and Navigation
28 Mar 69
Approved by Role Date
Daniel J. Lickly Director, Mission Program Development
Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program
28 Mar 69
Fred H. Martin Colossus Project Manager
Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program
28 Mar 69
Norman E. Sears Director, Mission Development
Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program
28 Mar 69
Richard H. Battin Director, Mission Development
Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program
28 Mar 69
David G. Hoag Director
Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program
28 Mar 69
Ralph R. Ragan Deputy Director
Instrumentation Laboratory
28 Mar 69
  • Check continuity on O2 cryogenic tanks before allowing stir

    Check continuity on O2 cryogenic tanks before allowing stir

    A customer has had a fairly serious problem with stirring the cryogenic tanks with a circuit fault present. To reproduce:

    1. Build CSM
    2. Perform mission up to translunar coast
    3. During translunar coast, attempt to stir cryo tanks

    If a wiring fault exists, the issue may be replicated. Be aware that this may be hazardous to the tester attempting it.

    Type: Humour Status: Wont Fix 
    opened by NoraCodes 220
  • Handling Issues

    Handling Issues

    Im currently working on the best way to deal with recent influx of issues. It seems there arent any features for dealing with this problem in bulk, so I submitted a feature request to bulk flag/delete in the UI (pretty sure it can be done using the API via a simple python script) and to limit issue creation etc. to accounts older than age X. Ill close this once we have a long-term solution. Unfortunately, those who want to watch our repository are being bombarded with nonsense notifications, so this is important. Its important to note that most of these issues are jokes which are ok, but this could become problematic if it gets out of hand.

    opened by chrislgarry 36
  • 据说某国特工九死一生拿到了NASA太空火箭发射程序源代码的最后几页



    opened by ghost 30
  • Query about blank lines

    Query about blank lines

    After checking about 10% of the CONIC_SUBROUTINES.agc file, I've noticed that the digitisation is only using empty lines on lines marked as R0000 and ignores fully blank lines. However, outside of this file I've noticed in many places these fully empty lines have sometimes been included - the usage seems pretty inconsistent.

    Which would be best to make this as accurate to the source files as possible?

    cc @chrislgarry @rburkey2005

    Example (Page 1266

    This page has a mixture of empty lines marked with R0000 and empty lines with no line number.

    The raw digitalised file has only used the R0000 empty lines (plus an erroneous blank line within the list)

    Vs. this version that includes the empty lines with no line number

    Type: Discussion 
    opened by wopian 22
  • How about a code of conduct?

    How about a code of conduct?



    opened by CoralineAda 19
  • How to use it?

    How to use it?


    Type: Humour 
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  • remove hurtful comments

    remove hurtful comments

    please remove all references to "burning babies" in BURN_BABY_BURN--MASTER_IGNITION_ROUTINE.s , it is hurtful and I do not think it is good for our image

    Type: Humour 
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  • Fixed typos

    Fixed typos

    Type: Proof 
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  • Proof P20-P25.agc (Pages 562-569) #231

    Proof P20-P25.agc (Pages 562-569) #231

    These are the first 7 pages of the Commanche055/P20-P25.agc.

    Corresponds to section "RENDEZVOUS NAVIGATION PROGRAM 20".

    Issue #231

    Status: Review Needed Type: Proof 
    opened by ShadowMitia 0
  • Add Vietnamese CONTRIBUTING

    Add Vietnamese CONTRIBUTING

    Status: Review Needed Type: Meta 
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