io.Writer implementation using logrus logger



io.Writer implementation using logrus

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Many golang libraries use the golang's log package to print their logs. This means that if your application uses logrus to print structured logging, those packages will print a format that is (probably) incompatible with yours, and you may end losing logs in your logs collector because they can't be parsed properly.


Print the logs written using log.Printf through logrus, by setting log.SetOutput to an io.Writer implementation that uses logrus as output, i.e.:


See example_*_test.go files to find testable examples that serve as documentation.

Simple solution

Or... you can simply use the standard APIs that logrus provides, i.e., this does the same as this package:

    log.SetOutput(logrus.WithFields(logrus.Fields{"logger": "stdlib"}).WriterLevel(logrus.InfoLevel))

So, unless you want this to be configurable using an envconfig-filled struct, there's no reason to use this library.

  • Initial version

    Initial version

    Very first version of this library, see for more details

    opened by colega 0
  • Trim trailing newline characters by default

    Trim trailing newline characters by default

    log.Print, which is the most likely user of this library, always appends a trailing newline characters to what it prints. We don't want it to be printed inside of the message field of logrus, so we trim it.

    opened by colega 0
  • Explain that this library is useless

    Explain that this library is useless

    logrus provides the Writer() and WriterLevel() functions that provide same functionality as this library.

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