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ShellBoy is a useful web shell finder. It simply knows the signatures of active or inactive webshells on the market and looks for these signatures in files on your server.

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ShellBoy is designed as a command line application. You can run it directly by giving the main directory you want to be scanned.

./shellboy --directory=/usr/local/vhosts


args desc
directory Root directory for scan
score Minimum similarity score
minbytes Minimum file size (byte). Default 4kb
maxbytes Maximum file size (byte). Default 1Mb
excludes Excluded file extensions. Empty is disabled
includes Included file extensions. Default empty
help Display this help message
v Verbose mode


Scan only PHP files.

shellboy --directory=/usr/local/vhosts --includes=php,phps

Exclude images files sanning

shellboy --directory=/usr/local/vhosts --excludes=jpeg,png,gif

Change minimum similarity score. This value increases skepticism

shellboy --directory=/usr/local/vhosts --score=75

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Oğuzhan YILMAZ
Tech. Lead at @maestropanel, CTO at @masomo
Oğuzhan YILMAZ
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Naabu is a port scanning tool written in Go that allows you to enumerate valid ports for hosts in a fast and reliable manner. It is a really simple to

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MX1014 is a flexible, lightweight and fast port scanner.

MX1014 MX1014 是一个遵循 “短平快” 原则的灵活、轻便和快速端口扫描器 此工具仅限于安全研究和教学,用户承担因使用此工具而导致的所有法律和相关责任! 作者不承担任何法律和相关责任! Version 1.1.1 - 版本修改日志 Features 兼容 nmap 的端口和目标语法 支持各

L 87 Jun 30, 2022
null 949 Jun 28, 2022
A scanner/exploitation tool written in GO, which leverages Prototype Pollution to XSS by exploiting known gadgets.

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Another JS scanner but in Go

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Super Java Vulnerability Scanner

XiuScan 不完善,正在开发中 介绍 一个纯Golang编写基于命令行的Java框架漏洞扫描工具 致力于参考xray打造一款高效方便的漏扫神器 计划支持Fastjson、Shiro、Struts2、Spring、WebLogic等框架 PS: 取名为XiuScan因为带我入安全的大哥是修君 特点

4ra1n 116 Dec 30, 2021
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Golang Scanner Contoh pembuatan aplikasi Java menggunakan BlueJ cek disini, tetapi berikut ini adalah versi rebuild dari Java ke Golang, dengan menggu

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Carbon Black Harbor Adapter is a scanner to scan images in Harbor Registry with the help of Carbon Black Cloud.

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mesh-kridik is an open-source security scanner that performs various security checks on a Kubernetes cluster with istio service mesh and is leveraged by OPA (Open Policy Agent) to enforce security rules.

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A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems

A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems

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