gopkg is a universal utility collection for Go, it complements offerings such as Boost, Better std, Cloud tools.

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gopkg is a universal utility collection for Go, it complements offerings such as Boost, Better std, Cloud tools.

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gopkg is a universal utility collection for Go, it complements offerings such as Boost, Better std, Cloud tools. It is migrated from the internal code base at ByteDance and has been extensively adopted in production.

We depend on the same code(this repo) in our production environment.


  • cache: Caching Mechanism
  • cloud: Cloud Computing Design Patterns
  • collection: Data Structures
  • lang: Enhanced Standard Libraries
  • util: Utilities Useful across Domains


gopkg recommends users to "live-at-head" (update to the latest commit from the main branch as often as possible). We develop at develop branch and will only merge to main when develop is stable.

How To Use

You can use go get -u[email protected] to get or update gopkg.


gopkg is licensed under the terms of the Apache license 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.

  • feat(skipmap): generate the level lazily in LoadOrStore

    feat(skipmap): generate the level lazily in LoadOrStore

    The key problem is that the LoadOrStore uses an outdated highest level to search the skip list, if the new generated level(say newLevel) is bigger than the outdated highest level(say oldLevel), all slots in the slices preds[newLevel-oldLevel:newLevel] are nil, the function will panic.

    The solution is that if the newLevel has updated the highest level, we can just continue the loop, and find a new path. At this time, the latest highest level used by the findNode is always bigger than or equal to the newLevel, the function won't panic.

    name                            old time/op  new time/op  delta
    LoadOrStoreExist-16             4.43ns ±11%  1.06ns ±21%  -76.05%  (p=0.000 n=10+10)
    LoadOrStoreLazyExist-16         4.61ns ± 6%  1.16ns ± 0%  -74.90%  (p=0.000 n=9+7)
    LoadOrStoreExistSingle-16       37.5ns ± 6%  10.3ns ± 0%  -72.61%  (p=0.000 n=9+9)
    LoadOrStoreLazyExistSingle-16   38.3ns ±11%  10.6ns ± 0%  -72.43%  (p=0.000 n=10+10)
    LoadOrStoreRandom-16             209ns ±14%   206ns ±14%     ~     (p=0.684 n=10+10)
    LoadOrStoreLazyRandom-16         215ns ± 8%   207ns ± 9%     ~     (p=0.139 n=10+10)
    LoadOrStoreRandomSingle-16      1.05µs ± 1%  1.04µs ± 4%     ~     (p=0.535 n=9+10)
    LoadOrStoreLazyRandomSingle-16  1.07µs ± 1%  1.06µs ± 3%   -1.09%  (p=0.029 n=8+9)
    opened by zhangyunhao116 6
  • ci: add github workflow for performance regression check

    ci: add github workflow for performance regression check

    This PR add a github workflow for performance regression check (using benchdiff, a wrapper of benchstat).

    Close #28.


    The workflow will be triggered:

    • when a PR is created, or
    • anyone comments "/benchdiff" on PR

    It takes a few minutes to run (the time is depends on the go packages modified by this PR), once it is finished, benchdiff result will be posted on this PR:


    Non-full amount

    This workflow won't do a full amount benchmarking, it only do bench on modified go packages (get by git diff <default_branch> <head_of_pr>, for details, refer to jobs.benchdiff.steps.head). In the aboved case, only packages collection/skipset and collection/skipmap are modified. If there is no go package modified, the following comment will be posted:


    Github Checks

    This workflow also creates a check for the HEAD commit of PR.


    The details of check looks like this:


    opened by SilverRainZ 6
  • About gopoll benchmark

    About gopoll benchmark


    请问有没有gopool和通过channel实现goroutine pool的性能对比,个人认为这个锁太大了: 1、 P的数量越多,channel的优势会优于锁 2、 如果goroutine创建速度快,锁等待会更高


    opened by helios741 5
  • feat(lscq): add arm64 support

    feat(lscq): add arm64 support

    Using CASP instruction to implement double-width CAS for arm64. The CASP instruction is available for instruction set Armv8.1+ (inclusive, Apple M1/M2/A12, Snapdragon 845, etc). All tests in lscq_test.go passed on Macbook Air M1 2020, macOS 12.5.1.

    Change-Id: Ieb89fa9361f1fce8fb52b102dca556867f7e8e8a

    opened by kabu1204 4
  • feat: add zset

    feat: add zset


    Package zset provides a concurrent-safety sorted set, can be used as a local replacement of Redis' zset (

    The main different to other sets is, every value of set is associated with a score, that is used in order to take the sorted set ordered, from the smallest to the greatest score.

    The sorted set has O(log(N)) time complexity when doing Add(ZADD) and Remove(ZREM) operations and O(1) time complexity when doing Contains operations.

    Package zset is a go implmentation of


    | Redis command | Go function | |-----------------------|---------------------| | ZADD | Add | | ZINCRBY | IncrBy | | ZREM | Remove | | ZREMRANGEBYSCORE | RemoveRangeByScore | | ZREMRANGEBYRANK | RemoveRangeByRank | | ZUNION | Union | | ZINTER | Inter | | ZINTERCARD | TODO | | ZDIFF | TODO | | ZRANGE | Range | | ZRANGEBYSCORE | IncrBy | | ZREVRANGEBYSCORE | RevRangeByScore | | ZCOUNT | Count | | ZREVRANGE | RevRange | | ZCARD | Len | | ZSCORE | Score | | ZRANK | Rank | | ZREVRANK | RevRank | | ZPOPMIN | TODO | | ZPOPMAX | TODO | | ZRANDMEMBER | TODO |

    List of redis commands are generated from the following command:

    cat redis/src/server.c | grep -o '"z.*",z.*Command' | grep -o '".*"' | cut -d '"' -f2

    You may find that not all redis commands have corresponding go implementations, the reason is as follows:

    Unsupported Commands

    Redis' zset can operates elements in lexicographic order, which is not commonly used function, so zset does not support commands like ZREMRANGEBYLEX, ZLEXCOUNT and so on.

    | Redis command | |-----------------------| | ZREMRANGEBYLEX | | ZRANGEBYLEX | | ZREVRANGEBYLEX | | ZLEXCOUNT |

    In redis, user accesses zset via a string key. We do not need such string key because we have variable. so the following commands are not implemented:

    | Redis command | |-----------------------| | ZUNIONSTORE | | ZINTERSTORE | | ZDIFFSTORE | | ZRANGESTORE | | ZMSCORE | | ZSCAN |



    coverage: 94.0% of statements


    go test -v -cpuprofile cpu.pprof -cpu=1 -run=NOTEST -bench=. -benchmem -benchtime=100000x -count=10 -timeout=60m > y.txt && benchstat y.txt
    name                                  time/op
    Contains100Hits/sortedset             39.5ns ± 1%
    Contains50Hits/sortedset              43.4ns ± 4%
    ContainsNoHits/sortedset              21.9ns ± 5%
    Add/sortedset                         53.6ns ± 1%
    1Add99Contains/sortedset              38.1ns ±12%
    10Add90Contains/sortedset             47.6ns ± 5%
    50Add50Contains/sortedset             56.9ns ± 3%
    1Add3Incr6Remove90Contains/sortedset  49.3ns ±11%
    name                                  alloc/op
    Contains100Hits/sortedset              0.00B
    Contains50Hits/sortedset               0.00B
    ContainsNoHits/sortedset               0.00B
    Add/sortedset                          2.00B ± 0%
    1Add99Contains/sortedset               0.00B
    10Add90Contains/sortedset              0.00B
    50Add50Contains/sortedset              1.00B ± 0%
    1Add3Incr6Remove90Contains/sortedset  0.50B ±100%
    name                                  allocs/op
    Contains100Hits/sortedset               0.00
    Contains50Hits/sortedset                0.00
    ContainsNoHits/sortedset                0.00
    Add/sortedset                           0.00
    1Add99Contains/sortedset                0.00
    10Add90Contains/sortedset               0.00
    50Add50Contains/sortedset               0.00
    1Add3Incr6Remove90Contains/sortedset    0.00


    • [x] implementation
    • [x] godoc
    • [x] unittest
    • [x] benchmark
    • [x] reamde
    opened by SilverRainZ 4
  • feat(lang/fastrand): add Read([]byte) function

    feat(lang/fastrand): add Read([]byte) function


    This PR add a new function func Read([]byte) (n int, err error) for fastrand package. It has the same signature with math/rand.Read and math/rand.(*Rand).Read.


    fastrand is so good that I want to use it everywhere~ And in my benchmark, it's at least 30% faster than math/rand.(*Rand).Read in single goroutine.


    Just like math/rand.Read.

    opened by ziposcar 4
  • fix: logger cannot correctly handle varargs

    fix: logger cannot correctly handle varargs

    the defaultLogger.CtxXXXf would pass varargs by slice as first argument, without keeping its original form.

    Example: logger.CtxInfof(ctx "%v %v", 1, 2) would produce [Info] [1, 2] %!v(MISSING). It prints the whole varargs as one slice, so the second vararg is MISSING.

    opened by Andello 3
  • perf(fastrand): optimize Read

    perf(fastrand): optimize Read

    Use wyrand, see

    name                                old time/op  new time/op  delta
    SingleCore/math/rand-Uint32()-16    10.8ns ± 0%  10.8ns ± 0%     ~     (p=0.913 n=7+10)
    SingleCore/fast-rand-Uint32()-16    2.26ns ± 0%  2.25ns ± 0%     ~     (p=0.015 n=10+10)
    SingleCore/math/rand-Uint64()-16    11.1ns ± 0%  11.1ns ± 0%     ~     (p=0.014 n=10+8)
    SingleCore/fast-rand-Uint64()-16    5.03ns ± 0%  4.75ns ± 0%   -5.50%  (p=0.000 n=10+9)
    SingleCore/math/rand-Read1000-16     682ns ± 0%   682ns ± 0%     ~     (p=0.927 n=10+10)
    SingleCore/fast-rand-Read1000-16     298ns ± 1%   150ns ± 0%  -49.69%  (p=0.000 n=10+9)
    MultipleCore/math/rand-Uint32()-16   114ns ± 3%   113ns ± 4%     ~     (p=0.306 n=10+10)
    MultipleCore/fast-rand-Uint32()-16  0.18ns ± 1%  0.18ns ± 2%     ~     (p=0.006 n=9+10)
    MultipleCore/math/rand-Uint64()-16   115ns ± 6%   118ns ± 3%     ~     (p=0.018 n=10+9)
    MultipleCore/fast-rand-Uint64()-16  0.39ns ± 1%  0.38ns ± 0%   -1.55%  (p=0.000 n=10+8)
    MultipleCore/math/rand-Read1000-16  1.02µs ± 3%  1.03µs ± 4%     ~     (p=0.644 n=10+10)
    MultipleCore/fast-rand-Read1000-16   112ns ± 0%   102ns ± 1%   -9.38%  (p=0.000 n=10+10)
    opened by zhangyunhao116 3
  • possible to show an example of passing value / reference?

    possible to show an example of passing value / reference?


    possible to show an example of passing value / reference?

    nice work by the way, i've tested against

    and found this to be faster but not sure if there are any significant difference between the two?

    opened by hiqsociety 3
  • prevent gopool from printing stack infos when panic is handled by panicHandler

    prevent gopool from printing stack infos when panic is handled by panicHandler


    Once the go routine from gopool panics, gopool would print stack info, and try to invoke panicHandler.
    Even if we already set a panicHandler , there's no way to prevent the log printing.
    Can we just let the panicHandler handle the log printing if it exists.

    if r := recover(); r != nil {
      msg := fmt.Sprintf("GOPOOL: panic in pool: %s: %v: %s",, r, debug.Stack())
      logger.CtxErrorf(t.ctx, msg)
      if w.pool.panicHandler != nil {
    	  w.pool.panicHandler(t.ctx, r)


    if r := recover(); r != nil {
      if w.pool.panicHandler != nil {
    	  w.pool.panicHandler(t.ctx, r)
      } else {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("GOPOOL: panic in pool: %s: %v: %s",, r, debug.Stack())
        logger.CtxErrorf(t.ctx, msg)

    Thanka a lot.


    two many logs in log files and test logs


    No response

    opened by crimson-gao 2
  • Fix small typo (string value)

    Fix small typo (string value)

    • passed the tests in cloud/metainfo package.
    • no direct reference of the string (RPC_TRANSIT.../RPC_TRANSIENT...) anywhere in the package. Only the corresponding variable names are referenced, and they remain unchanged (PrefixTransient and PrefixTransientUpstream) .
    opened by jackedelic 2
  • Broken change of causes build failed in go1.16

    Broken change of causes build failed in go1.16


    Current go.mod use go1.16 with v0.0.0-20221010170243-090e33056c14 package which introduced go1.17's unsafe.Slice in 20220910 (see history;bpv=1). This will cause build failed in go1.16 with following error messges.

    ../compile_path/pkg/mod/[email protected]/unix/syscall.go:83:16: undefined: unsafe.Slice
    ../compile_path/pkg/mod/[email protected]/unix/syscall_linux.go:2255:9: undefined: unsafe.Slice
    ../compile_path/pkg/mod/[email protected]/unix/syscall_unix.go:118:7: undefined: unsafe.Slice
    ../compile_path/pkg/mod/[email protected]/unix/sysvshm_unix.go:33:7: undefined: unsafe.Slice
    note: module requires Go 1.17
    opened by zhongxinghong 2
  • perf: improve SaveMetaInfoToMap performance

    perf: improve SaveMetaInfoToMap performance



    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_10-12         	  912304	      1723 ns/op	    3720 B/op	      28 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_20-12         	  530864	      2380 ns/op	    8026 B/op	      50 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_50-12         	  205908	      5524 ns/op	   18170 B/op	     118 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_100-12        	   87831	     14197 ns/op	   36655 B/op	     226 allocs/op


    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_10-12         	 1258407	       897.6 ns/op	    2331 B/op	      22 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_20-12         	  639684	      1971 ns/op	    5404 B/op	      44 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_50-12         	  273380	      4734 ns/op	   12570 B/op	     109 allocs/op
    BenchmarkAllParallel/SaveMetaInfoToMap_100-12        	   98899	     11902 ns/op	   25629 B/op	     214 allocs/op
    opened by joway 0
  • util/gctuner: test fail randomly

    util/gctuner: test fail randomly

    Operating System


    Go Version

    go1.18.6 linux/amd64 AND go1.19.1 linux/amd64 AND go latest

    Package Version


    Affected Packages


    Expected Behavior


    Actual Behavior

    --- FAIL: TestTuner (0.20s)
                    Error Trace:    tuner_test.go:37
                    Error:          Not equal: 
                                    expected: 0x1f4
                                    actual  : 0x32
                    Test:           TestTuner
    exit status 1
    FAIL 0.217s

    Reproduction Steps

    cd util/gctuner && go test -count=1 OR cd util/gctuner && go test -count=10

    Other Information

    @joway PTAL, thanks!

    opened by zhangyunhao116 2
  • test: fix TestPoolPanic in gopool

    test: fix TestPoolPanic in gopool

    This PR tries to fix the TestPoolPanic function in gopool. Currently it only contains the following test logic

    p := NewPool("test", 100, NewConfig())

    Maybe the original idea is to see if any panic occurs. But actually, the p.Go goroutine is not guaranteed to be executed before the main goroutine exits. Chances are testPanicFunc never get called. So this test case is actually useless.

    I add sync.WaitGroup to wait for sub goroutines to finish. Also we need to check if SetPanicHandler is working correctly, so I compared the actual execute times with expected times to see if provided panic handler does get called every time when panic occurs.

    opened by ag9920 0
  • gopool的RegisterPool使用不了



    大佬您好,我使用了一下gopool.RegisterPool 好像仅仅只是将 这个 Pool 存入了一个sync.Map中,在后续的 gopool.Go 中并没有使用到自己 RegisterPool。是否考虑给 gopool.go文件中init 函数加一个check,如果调用者没有 RegisterPool,在使用 defaultPool。还有就是整个capacity容量是固定的,是否可以加一些动态机制,在大流量的时候taskList中的足够多了,可以进行capacity扩容,当task少的时候capacity可以进行缩容。还望大佬指正观点

    opened by Java-knight 1
Bytedance Inc.
Bytedance Inc.
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