Generate an interactive, autocompleting shell for any Cobra CLI





Leverages the Cobra completion API to generate an interactive shell for any Cobra CLI, powered by go-prompt.

  • On-the-fly autocompletion for all commands
  • Static and dynamic autocompletion for args and flags, as described here
  • Full prompt customizability



go get


package main

import (
    shell ""

func main() {
	cmd := &cobra.Command{Use: "example"}
	_ = cmd.Execute()
  • Alt + Backspace to delete complete words

    Alt + Backspace to delete complete words

    Hey Brian,

    Can't believe I'm the first person creating an issue here. This project is such a great idea! I missed this automation in other projects like ishell or promptui.

    Bug / Feature Request

    I just noticed that alt + backspace behaves strangely. It will insert question marks instead of deleting complete words as I would expect it in an interactive shell.

    As it messes with the cli-ui it might be a bug to address but also a nice feature implementation that I'd love to see!

    Edit: Also ctrl+right and ctrl+left would be a great idea in order to skip through longer commands as I just noticed :D

    Thanks in advance!

    opened by cmprmsd 3
  • [Bug] Flags are permanently removed from the autocompletion

    [Bug] Flags are permanently removed from the autocompletion


    When I have e.g. two flags like the following: image

    I can use them one time. Afterwards they will be removed. This is expected and good. image

    However, when I now press up or rewrite the commands the used completion flags are gone. image


    The flags should be re-enabled after each execution.

    Edit: I saw you already tried to fix this issue in However, I'm on 0.2.4 so maybe the fix is not complete.

    opened by cmprmsd 2
  • Autocomplete Flag Parsing Order

    Autocomplete Flag Parsing Order

    Currently flags do show up like this: image

    However, it might be a good idea to display all --flags first and after them the -f(lags). Another solution would be to show only the long version or both in one line as the description has to be the same and on autocomplete insert the long one as this is the most descriptive. This might need some conditional logic I guess if there are cases with short but no long flags or the other way round.

    opened by cmprmsd 2
  • Hide shorthand flags and sort suggestions

    Hide shorthand flags and sort suggestions

    Hide shorthand flags from the suggestion list, since they are guaranteed to have regular-length equivalents (which can just as easily be completed with ). Sort the flags so that persistent flags (like --help) aren't stuck at the top. Closes #2.

    opened by brianstrauch 0
  • Persistent History

    Persistent History


    I'm trying to get a persistent history working. However, the struggle is real :D Maybe you have an idea and better understanding of cobra.

    The command has the following additional argument

    PreRun:            WriteHistory,

    The following function does write the history line and append it to the file:

    func WriteHistory(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
    	enabledFlags = nil
    	// Open history file
    	f, err := os.OpenFile(".fry_history",
    		os.O_APPEND|os.O_CREATE|os.O_WRONLY, 0644)
    	if err != nil {
    	defer f.Close()
    	// Parse flags
    	cmd.Flags().SortFlags = false
    	// Join flags and arguments
    	cmdLine := cmd.Parent().Use + " " + cmd.Use + " " + strings.Join(enabledFlags, " ") + " " + strings.Join(args, " ")
    	if _, err := f.WriteString(cmdLine + "\n"); err != nil {

    Reading the history does happen at the start of the program execution:

    func init...
    hist := prompt.OptionHistory(readHistory())
    	myShell := shell.New(rootCmd, keyBinds, codeBinds, number, hist)
    func readHistory() []string {
    	data, err := os.ReadFile(".fry_history")
    	if err != nil {
    		log.Println("No history yet. Nothing to parse")
    	history := strings.Split(string(data), "\n")
    	return history

    Build the flag strings (this is super weird and I look for a better solution).

    func checkFlags(f *pflag.Flag) {
    	if f.Value.Type() == "bool" {
    		enabledFlags = append(enabledFlags, "--"+f.Name)
    	} else {
    		enabledFlags = append(enabledFlags, "--"+f.Name+" \""+f.Value.String()+"\"")
    	fmt.Printf("Flags: %v\n", enabledFlags)

    This approach works fine for the first execution of a command. However, the flags do not reset after each command execution. Thus the flags add up when running multiple times in one shell.


    By any chance. Do you have experience how to parse the flags correctly in order to write them to a file?

    opened by cmprmsd 2
  • Fuzzy Suggestions for Autocomplete

    Fuzzy Suggestions for Autocomplete


    I implemented a directory walker that outputs e.g. ps1 files recursively in nested folders.

    Is it possible to do fuzzy searching on this parameter? I saw fuzzy suggestions are implemented in go-prompt ( and

    However, I'm unsure where to set this option and if it is configurable also in cobra-shell. You showed already a nice way to add keybindings. So I thought there may be an easy solution for this as well. :smile:

    opened by cmprmsd 2
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