Sync your bank transactions with google sheets using Open Banking APIs


this is a markdown version of the copy on the site landing page:

You need a spreadsheet 📊

Get on top of your finances by tracking all of your bank accounts in Google Sheets. Having a high level view of your money is a budgeting superpower, you'll be able to analyse your spending & savings over the long term, and work out how to hit your money goals. But it'd be a pain to manually update a spreadsheet with your transactions & balances, why not let the robots do it for you? 🤖

How much does it cost? 💸

£2 per month, billed via Stripe.

If you'd like to connect a business account check out the business page.

Is my bank supported? 🏦

You can find the list of supported banks here.

What is it? 💭

UK banks have a pretty cool, but under-adopted feature called 'open banking' which is a set of APIs provided by all banks that allow users & companies to read data, pay & accept payments via a common interface. This page uses Truelayer to connect to your bank and read the balance & transactions, then writes that data into a spreadsheet using the Google Sheets API.

I use this tool to have my current bank balance in a few different spreadsheets, i also feed it into BigQuery as an external table so i can make a Grafana dashboard for my daily spending & budgets, you can find a guide on how to do that here.

Why should i trust you? 🕵️‍♀️

  • This project is open source, you can find it on GitHub.
  • Y.N.A.S never stores or logs any of your data & the only place the data lives is in your bank, and the spreadsheet you configure.
  • The credentials used to access both google sheets and Truelayer are encrypted at rest via Google Cloud's KMS (Key Management Service).
  • Y.N.A.S doesn't read any of your other spreadsheets, only the one created by this app.
  • Y.N.A.S will only use your Google email to identify your account, send receipts, and notify you if there are any issues.
  • Your data is never shared with a third party without your direct written or verbal consent.
  • The /banks page includes

    The /banks page includes "Mock bank"

    I believe due to using the TrueLayer trial account, the /banks page includes "Mock Bank" as the top entry. The list is also not alphabetically ordered, which I guess is why this appears at the top.

    opened by AranScope 3
  • Stopped Syncing

    Stopped Syncing

    My connection stopped syncing on March 12th, oddly at exactly 13000 records if there's a limit or something. It hasn't synced since, deleting the linked sheet and trying to reconnect it now doesn't work.

    Really appreciate any help you can offer.

    opened by vrekais 5
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Alex Russell-Saw
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