Cross-platform, multi-server chat app built using Fyne

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Really early days proof of concept for a cross-platform multi-server chat. Feel free to play, but don't expect it to do much!


  • Multiple services supported
    • Discord
    • Telegram
  • Switch servers and channels
  • Load recent and new messages
  • Send messages


  • Faster startup (download messages after app shows)


  • Rich text content (requires Fyne 2.1)
  • Emojis
  • Slack service
  • Matrix service
  • IRC service

  • Lazy loading and collapsed messages

    Lazy loading and collapsed messages

    This commit adds asynchronous guild icon loading as well as lazy loading of channel messages. This means that channel messages are not loaded until the user actually goes to that channel.

    The commit also adds ningen support into Fyne, which includes a plain text Markdown renderer as well as a lot more abstractions that will be useful in the future.

    Token login is also added into the login dialog as a button.


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Andy Williams
Go, Java and C developer, CTO and technical leader
Andy Williams
Gos: Armed Golang 💪 ( solutions for go module, goproxy, cross compilation, etc.)

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Cross-platform, multi-server chat app built using Fyne

Fibro Really early days proof of concept for a cross-platform multi-server chat. Feel free to play, but don't expect it to do much! Features Multiple

Andy Williams 4 Jul 17, 2021
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