Go client for an OBS WebSockets server



Go Reference

It's a Go client for Palakis/obs-websocket, allowing us to interact with OBS Studio via Go.


This project is still a work-in-progress.

It's currently using v4.5.0 of the protocol.


Here's the contents of examples/sources.go. For brevity, we skip error checking:

package main

import (


var localhost = "" // you'll likely have to change this :)

func main() {
	client, err := goobs.New(localhost+":4444", goobs.WithPassword("hello"))
	if err != nil {
	defer client.Disconnect()

	version, _ := client.General.GetVersion()
	fmt.Printf("Websocket server version: %s\n", version.ObsWebsocketVersion)
	fmt.Printf("OBS Studio version: %s\n", version.ObsStudioVersion)

	go func() {
		for event := range client.IncomingEvents {
			switch e := event.(type) {
			case *events.TransitionBegin:
				log.Printf("Transition the scene: %#v", e)
			case *events.Error:
				log.Printf("Got an error: %s", e.Err)
				log.Printf("Unhandled event: %#v", e.GetUpdateType())

	list, _ := client.Sources.GetSourcesList()

	fmt.Println("Available sources:")
	for _, v := range list.Sources {
		fmt.Printf("- %-25s of type %s\n", v.Name, v.TypeId)

	update := func(volume float64) {
		da := "Desktop Audio"
			Source: da,
			Volume: volume,
		volumeResp, _ := client.Sources.GetVolume(&sources.GetVolumeParams{Source: da})
		fmt.Printf("Now %q is at %.3f\n", da, volumeResp.Volume)


And the corresponding output:

go run examples/sources.go
2021/05/29 15:32:07 connecting to ws://
Websocket server version: 4.9.0
OBS Studio version: 26.1.1
Available sources:
- Video Capture Device      of type dshow_input
- Audio Output Capture      of type wasapi_output_capture
- Window Capture            of type window_capture
- Chat                      of type browser_source
- Mic/Aux                   of type wasapi_input_capture
- Desktop Audio             of type wasapi_output_capture
2021/05/29 15:32:07 Unhandled event: "SourceVolumeChanged"
Now "Desktop Audio" is at 0.300
2021/05/29 15:32:07 Unhandled event: "SourceVolumeChanged"
Now "Desktop Audio" is at 0.500
  • Expose internal structs

    Expose internal structs

    Great work on this!

    The only issue I'm currently facing is accessing nested structs like Font in SetTextFreetype2PropertiesParams. Since the struct isn't a proper type, it's a bit awkward to first initialize the parent in order to access the nested struct.

    Do you think we could improve the generator here?

    opened by muesli 8
  • Example / README aren't up-to-date anymore

    Example / README aren't up-to-date anymore

    Looks like the API diverged from the example.

    opened by muesli 5
  • Add Go build/test workflow

    Add Go build/test workflow

    Adds two GitHub Action workflow that run for every push and pull request.

    The first one tries to build the entire project on Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows for Go 1.11 (minimum required version) as well as the latest available Go version (at the time of the action being run). It will also run go test should we have test cases in the future. Currently it will just silently pass as it doesn't find any.

    The second one runs the generator (make generate) on Ubuntu and tries to build the project with the freshly generated sources.

    opened by muesli 2
  • Feature/omitempty


    opened by andreykaipov 2
  • Remove log call

    Remove log call

    This being a library we should prevent logging (per default). Since this is the only log call currently I've decided to simply comment it out. If we want to use a logger, we need to provide a way for the library's user to overwrite the logger.

    opened by muesli 1
  • CI


    Since most of the code is generated, unit tests don't feel too practical.

    I'd like to write a few e2e examples and run them against a Dockerized obs-studio and websocket server as our test suite.

    Sounds pretty silly since there's no UI, but I should be able to export my settings locally and import them into the image. I've gotten both built and running, but haven't yet tried connecting and running the existing examples against it.

    opened by andreykaipov 1
  • Generated structs should have the `omitempty` tag option

    Generated structs should have the `omitempty` tag option

    Would avoid situations like this described in https://github.com/andreykaipov/goobs/pull/5#discussion_r652210713

    opened by andreykaipov 1
  • Feature/anonymous structs

    Feature/anonymous structs

    opened by andreykaipov 1
  • Feature/future proofing

    Feature/future proofing

    opened by andreykaipov 1
  • Feature/godoc for category clients

    Feature/godoc for category clients


    opened by andreykaipov 0
  • v0.7.1(Aug 29, 2021)

  • v0.7.0(Aug 29, 2021)

    new feature:

    • configurable debug logging, see new options WithDebug(bool) and WithLogger(requests.Logger) (#20)

    maintenance things:

    • CI stuff and e2e tests (#17, #18)
    • documentation stuff (#19, #21)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.0(Jun 20, 2021)


    • Nested anonymous structs are now declared as their own structs, e.g. Font, Scale, StreamSettings, etc. (https://github.com/andreykaipov/goobs/issues/8)
    • Many fields now have the omitempty JSON tag option (https://github.com/andreykaipov/goobs/issues/12) by default

    Thank you to @muesli for helping me test out this library!

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.5.0(Jun 14, 2021)

Andrey Kaipov
Andrey Kaipov
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