library to make building things with bitclout easy

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library to make building things with bitclout easy

quick start demo

cmd $ ./clout demo

  clout demo visualizegraph  # make clout.gv graph file
  clout demo printall        # print all clouts
  clout demo search          # search sqlite database
  clout demo sqlite          # place data into local sqlite database

  search examples:

  ./clout demo search --term=hi --table=users
  ./clout demo search --term=hi --table=posts
  ./clout demo search --term=username --table=follow --degrees=2

full menu

cloutcli/cmd $ ./clout

  clout account               # list your various accounts
  clout ls                    # list global posts
  clout message               # send, send bulk, read
  clout mongo                 # query from mongodb
  clout sell                  # sell coins
  clout sqlite                # import from badger, query sqlite

cloutcli/cmd $ ./clout message

  clout message bulk           # --to=allfollowers [--text=foo]
  clout message inbox          # --filter=myhodlers
  clout message new            # --to=username [--text=foo]
  clout message reply          # --id=foo [--text=foo]
  clout message show           # --id=foo

cloutcli/cmd $ ./clout sell

  clout sell dust           # --limit=x [--execute]

cloutcli/cmd $ ./clout sqlite

  clout sqlite fill           # --dir=/path/to/badgerdb
  clout sqlite graph          # produce clout.gv file
  clout sqlite query          # --term=foo [--table=x]

building the "clout" executable

There is no main.go file in the root directory.

cd cmd
go mod tidy
go build

This is done to keep the root directory having the package name "cloutcli".

Which allows other go programs to just import:

import ""

and then:

list := cloutcli.GlobalPosts()

for _, post := range list {


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C.S. Major at 1996. Los Angeles startups from then til present.
Andrew Arrow
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