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An Apple Music JWT generator.

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Before you can generate a JWT, you'll need a key id, team id, and private key file. Rather than re-explaining that process, he's Apples docs:

Once you have those ready, you can use amjwt to generate the JWT.

As a CLI

amjwt can be used as a CLI. You can provide the key and team IDs via the -k and -t flags respectively. -f can be used to specify the path to the private key file.

amjwt -k <key-id> -t <team-id> -f ./MyPrivateKey.p8

You can also pipe the private key in if necessary:

cat ./MyPrivateKey.p8 | amjwt -k <key-id> -t <team-id>

As a Package

You can also import amjwt as a go package:

import ""
keyId := "foo"
teamId := "bar"
privateKeyBytes, err = ioutil.ReadFile("./somewhere/MyPrivateKey.p8")
jwtString, err := amjwt.CreateJwt(keyId, teamId, expiryDays, privateKeyBytes)


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to be, learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

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But... Why?

Because for some reason, Apple wants you to hand craft the JWT to authenticate with the Apple Music API. This is much easier than hand crafting it every time.

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