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Neural Networks with GO

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About Package

Some time ago I decided to learn Go language and neural networks. So it's my variation of Neural Networks library. I tried to make library for programmers (not for mathematics).

For now Varis is 0.1 version.

I would be happy if someone can find errors and give advices. Thank you. Artem.

Main features

  • All neurons and synapses are goroutines.
  • Golang channels for connecting neurons.
  • No dependencies


go get github.com/Xamber/Varis


package main

import (

func main() {
	net := varis.CreatePerceptron(2, 3, 1)

	dataset := varis.Dataset{
		{varis.Vector{0.0, 0.0}, varis.Vector{1.0}},
		{varis.Vector{1.0, 0.0}, varis.Vector{0.0}},
		{varis.Vector{0.0, 1.0}, varis.Vector{0.0}},
		{varis.Vector{1.0, 1.0}, varis.Vector{1.0}},

	trainer := varis.PerceptronTrainer{
		Network: &net,
		Dataset: dataset,

	varis.PrintCalculation = true

	net.Calculate(varis.Vector{0.0, 0.0}) // Output: [0.9816677167418877]
	net.Calculate(varis.Vector{1.0, 0.0}) // Output: [0.02076530509106318]
	net.Calculate(varis.Vector{0.0, 1.0}) // Output: [0.018253250887023762]
	net.Calculate(varis.Vector{1.0, 1.0}) // Output: [0.9847884089930481]

Roadmap 0.2-0.5

  • Add locks
  • Add training channels
  • Improve speed
  • Add error return to functions.
  • Create more tests and benchmarks.
  • Create server and cli realization for use Varis as a application


gonn | go-mind | go-perceptron-go

  • README.md wrong install code

    README.md wrong install code

    go get https://github.com/Xamber/Varis

    This code get error package https:/github.com/Xamber/Varis: "https://" not allowed in import path, please remove https://

    opened by ghost 1
Artem Filippov
Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V developer
Artem Filippov
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