Napster downloader written in Go.



Napster downloader written in Go. Windows binaries


Account not needed.
Configure config file if needed.

Option Info
format Download quality. 1 = 96 AAC PLUS, 2 = 192 AAC, 3 = best/320 AAC
outPath Where to download to. Path will be made if it doesn't already exist.
trackTemplate Track filename template. Vars: album, albumArtist, artist, copyright, genre, title, trackNum, trackNumPad, trackTotal, year


Args take priority over the config file.

Download two albums:

Download a single album and from two text files:
np-dl_x64.exe G:\1.txt G:\2.txt

 _____             _              ____                _           _
|   | |___ ___ ___| |_ ___ ___   |    \ ___ _ _ _ ___| |___ ___ _| |___ ___
| | | | .'| . |_ -|  _| -_|  _|  |  |  | . | | | |   | | . | .'| . | -_|  _|
|_|___|__,|  _|___|_| |___|_|    |____/|___|_____|_|_|_|___|__,|___|___|_|

Usage: np_dl_x64.exe [--format FORMAT] [--outpath OUTPATH] URLS [URLS ...]

Positional arguments:

  --format FORMAT, -f FORMAT [default: -1]
  --outpath OUTPATH, -o OUTPATH
  --help, -h             display this help and exit


  • I will not be responsible for how you use Napster Downloader.
  • Napster brand and name is the registered trademark of its respective owner.
  • Napster Downloader has no partnership, sponsorship or endorsement with Napster.
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