A Go based HTTP Botnet

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Second interation of GoBot, https://github.com/SaturnsVoid/GoBot2


GoBot is a project i am working on as i learn Go. GoBot is a PoC(Proof of Concept) Trojan that uses HTTP connections for commands and sending information.


Stopped working on this; I am a vary bad coder and don't think i can do much more myself... I will continue trying to learn to code in Go though i may never work on this project again.... If ANYONE wants you can take over this project, see what Go can do.

Current Features

  • Base64 Encoding/Decoding
  • Uniqe ID Generation (MD5)
  • Message Box
  • Install
  • Open Website - Visable
  • Open Website - Hidden
  • Single Instance
  • Ring3 Rootkit (Written in C)
  • Download and Run
  • Open Program
  • Simple to use Control Panel (PHP, HTML, SQL)

How to Build and Use

  • Use the command go get https://github.com/SaturnsVoid/GoBot
  • Edit the settings to your liking in GoBot.go
  • Compile GoBot.go with the other folder inside src
  • Edit the Control Panels settings (Key = your login to see the control panel)
  • Import the MySQL database
  • Upload the Control Panel to a secure server
  • Run GoBot
  • Command from Control Panel (Example Panel Login:

Current Credits and Stuff

Terms of Use

* Do NOT use this on any computer you do not own, or are allowed to run this on.
* Credits must always be given, With linksback to here.
* You may NEVER attempt to sell this, its free and open source.


Go is a amazing and powerful programming language. If you already haven't, check it out; https://golang.org/


Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: 1AEbR1utjaYu3SGtBKZCLJMRR5RS7Bp7eE

----------Update Log---------------------

10/11/2015 @ 5:15PM:

  • Rewrote how checking internet connection is done
  • New Ring3 Rootkit (https://github.com/petercunha/GoAT)
  • New Install Method (https://github.com/petercunha/GoAT)
  • New Control Panel
  • Download and Run (for exe's)
  • Run Program (exe, bat, ect..)
  • Added 1 minute delay before connecting to panel (Security)
  • Fixed custom "Check Command" timer
  • Send basic information to Control Panel
  • New DebugLog feature
  • Code Cleaning
  • Removed Uninstall (Have to rewrite it to work with new Rootkit and Install)

10/07/2015 @ 1:40PM:

  • Rewrote GoBot.php to do the basics to test that the bot works.

10/06/2015 @ 12:00PM:

  • Changed the way the command URL is handled
  • Made a temporary fix for the Timer issue cousing issues with running and compiling. (woops)
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