A simple batching library in Golang

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Go Batch


A simple batching library in Golang.



go get github.com/RashadAnsari/go-batch


package main

import (

	goBatch "github.com/RashadAnsari/go-batch"

func main() {
	batch := goBatch.New(

	go func() {
		for {
			output := <-batch.Output

			log.Printf("output: %v, size: %d\n", output, len(output))

	for i := 1; i <= 100; i++ {
		batch.Input <- i

	time.Sleep(1 * time.Second)

	for i := 1; i <= 100; i++ {
		batch.Input <- i

		if rand.Intn(2) == 0 {
			time.Sleep(300 * time.Millisecond)

Rashad Ansari
Backend Software Engineer (Golang)
Rashad Ansari
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