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patreon-dl: Patreon Image Downloader

patreon-dl lets you download images of creators you support.


Download a release from https://github.com/PrivateGER/patreon-dl/releases.

  • Linux (64bit): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Linux_amd64
  • Linux (32bit): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Linux_i386
  • Windows (64bit): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Windows_x86_64.exe
  • Windows (32bit): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Windows_i386.exe
  • Mac (x64): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Darwin_x86_64
  • Mac (ARM): patreon-dl_x.x.x_Darwin_ARM64

You can also compile patreon-dl yourself using go build or build for all operating systems using compile_allarch.sh.


Run patreon-dl and follow the instructions.


Open https://patreon.com/creatornamehere/posts in your browser. Now start patreon-dl and open the browser console. Paste the line of code shown by patreon-dl into the console and execute it by pressing ENTER.

After a few seconds of loading, depending on how many posts the creator has, patreon-dl will start downloading all images into the images folder.


patreon-dl is not distinguishable from normal use for Patreon. There is no risk of getting banned or punished for the use of this tool.

All releases of patreon-dl are signed with a PGP key with the fingerprint CAE625C962F94C67 and can be verified with gpg --verify <name>.asc.

  • Not working on specific Patreon accounts

    Not working on specific Patreon accounts

    For some reason this is an issue that's only happening on specific Patreon accounts; it'll get stuck on "Promise { : "pending" }" and then spit out a "Error: Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope" at me after a few seconds, and then the following: Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON datadebugger eval code line 1 > eval:99:13 debugger eval code line 1 > eval:99 AsyncFunctionThrow self-hosted:642 (Async: async) debugger eval code line 1 > eval:100 debugger eval code:1 AsyncFunctionNext self-hosted:638 (Async: async) debugger eval code:1 getEvalResult resource://devtools/server/actors/webconsole/eval-with-debugger.js:243 evalWithDebugger resource://devtools/server/actors/webconsole/eval-with-debugger.js:167 evaluateJS resource://devtools/server/actors/webconsole.js:1115 evaluateJSAsync resource://devtools/server/actors/webconsole.js:1007 makeInfallible resource://devtools/shared/ThreadSafeDevToolsUtils.js:103

    opened by KevlarCaviar 7
  • I paste the string of code from patreon-dl and get this error

    I paste the string of code from patreon-dl and get this error

    VM169:54 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'split') at eval (eval at (posts:1), :54:78)

    sorry if this is a common fix and i failed to understand it I'm new to this.

    opened by JMorris113 6
  • Clean up code

    Clean up code

    Currently, the DownloadWorker() function has a few issues, such as converting errors into strings.

    Change the function and channel handling to restore proper error messages,

    opened by PrivateGER 2
  • Small typo in JS snippet

    Small typo in JS snippet

    Hello, first run shows:

    ...and run it with ENTER: (async()=>{eval(await(await fetch("http://localhost:9849/gadget")).text());})();

    ... after finish there comes another snippet which doesn't work. One \ too much in it

    You can download another set of images using the below JS snippet or exit patreon-dl: (async()=>{eval(await(await fetch(\"http://localhost:9849/gadget")).text());})();

    opened by toertchn 1
  • Capability to download videos?

    Capability to download videos?

    Is your nifty little tool able to download videos as well or is it exclusively for pictures? (I'm considering to subscribe to a creator for one or two of his videos specifically containing information about EQ modification. Since details can easily be forgotten after years I'd like to create a private copy of the videos so I can re-watch them whenever needed to make further adjustments.)

    opened by Eiion 1
  • Improve interface

    Improve interface

    The current interface is not at all user friendly. Add a small graph that shows the total number of downloads in queue and completed ones + progress in percent.

    opened by PrivateGER 1
  • Running on Mac

    Running on Mac

    1. Download the correct Darwin file (x86_64 für 64 Bit System)
    2. In the terminal go to the folder where the file is
    3. Make the file executable by running chmod 755 'file-name'
    4. Via Finder try to start program by double clicking -> A dialog is shown that the program can't be run because its not by a verified developer
    5. Go to the General tab in the Macs Security & Privacy settings -> There should be an info on the program you just tried to run
    6. Select 'Allow Anyway'
    7. Try to run the program via Finder again -> Dialog is shown again, this time you can select to open the file
    8. Program is opened and run in Terminal
    9. Have fun!
    opened by BenteGadepriv 0
  • Specify file nameing format

    Specify file nameing format

    Currently all files are downloaded into a image directory just as they are named + post id (i guess), there are a couple of problems with this:

    1. fetching from multiple creators causes their content to be mixed together
    2. not all content that is fetched are images but are still stored into a image directory
    3. in some cases the date when the content was posted is more important and files should be sorted that way

    A simple solution would be to allow specifying a formatting string for the file names, where variables like authorname, post-date, filename and post-id can be used to specify where the files should be stored.

    opened by PyroDevil 1
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