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A simple CLI (or TUI) for Pocket.

  • Read your Pocket goodies from your comfy shell.
  • Archive or delete multiple entries easily.
  • Use a TUI or pipe the pages' URLs (or titles) to any CLI you want.
  • Search through your Pocket list.
  • Works on Linux, macOS (not tested), and Windows (not tested).

screenshot of gocket tui

Gocket is in early version. Its interface might change. See the CHANGELOG



You can simply grab the latest binary file and download the version you need, depending on your OS.

Linux script

If you use a Linux-based OS, here's a simple way to download gocket and move it to /usr/local/bin. You can then call it wherever you want.

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Phantas0s/gocket/master/install/linux.sh | bash

Manual installation

  • You need the last version of Golang installed.
  • You need to clone this repository and build the binary in the root directory with the command go build.


You need to authorize gocket to access your Pocket account. It's very easy:


  1. Go to Gocket apps and create an application
  2. Authorize the application to add, modify, and retrieve if you want to use the full set of gocket's feature
  3. You need to pass the consumer key to gocket each time you use it (-k option) or you can use a config file:
    1. Create the file $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gocket/config.yml
    2. Create an entry with key as index and the consumer key as value, for example key: 1234-5a6b7c
    3. Your config can be a YAML, TOML, or JSON file
  4. The first time you use pocket, you'll need to confirm your authorization. A webpage will open automatically in your favorite browser to do so
  5. Enjoy!

XDG Home Directory

Running gocket list without any consumer key will display an error message indicating where to create the config file.

The value of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME depends of your OS. Here are the defaults (if you didn't modify it):

  • Unix systems: ~/.config
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%


Use the option -h for each command to output the help.


  • gocket list: list your Pocket pages.
  • gocket list archive: list the archives.

The options for these two commands are almost identical. Here are the difference:

  • Use -a with gocket list to bulk add every listed entry to the archive (with confirmation).
  • Use -a with gocket list archive to bulk add every listed archive to the unread list (with confirmation).

Adding New Pages

  • gocket add <URLs...>: Add the URLs <URLs....> to pocket. You can add multiple URLs separated with spaces.

This command will read the standard input stream (stdin) if no argument is given. For example:

echo "https://thevaluable.dev" | gocket add

If you want to display a message when each URL is successfully added, use the option verbose (-v).


If you choose to use the TUI, you can select a page and open it with your favorite browser using the ENTER key.

Description Command
Output every page's URLs gocket list
Display every page's URLs in a TUI gocket list --tui
Output the last 5 pages' URLs added gocket list -c 5
Display pages in a TUI and don't ask confirmation for any operation gocket list -c 5 --tui --noconfirm
Filter for type 'video' ('article' or 'image' possible too) gocket list -f "video"
Search for "youtube" in titles and URLs gocket list -s "golang"
Open the last page added with Firefox gocket list -c 1 | xargs firefox
Open the last page added with Lynx gocket list -c 1 | lynx -
Open the oldest page added with Firefox gocket list -c 1 -o "oldest" | xargs firefox
Open the last 5 pages added with Firefox and archive them gocket list -c 5 -a --noconfirm | xargs firefox
Open the last page added with Firefox and delete it gocket list -c 1 -d --noconfirm | xargs firefox
Print only the pages' titles gocket list -c 10 -t | sed 'n;d'

As a bonus for Linux users (might work on macOS too), you can use fzf to fuzzy search the page you want and open it with Firefox:

gocket list -c 5 -t | sed 'N;s#\n# /// #' | fzf | awk -F ' /// ' '{print $2}' | xargs firefox

Option, Configuration, and Environment Variables

You can provide the different options to gocket using:

  1. Command-line options (i.e gocket list --tui)
  2. Environment variables (i.e export GOCKET_TUI=true)
  3. Configuration file (i.e tui: true in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gocket/config.yaml|json|toml)

If these options are defined multiple times, the priorities follow the order above (from higher priority to lower).

The names of the environment variables need to be uppercase and prefixed with GOCKET_. Every hyphen - in the option's name needs to be replaced with an underscore _.

TUI Keystrokes


 ↑ or k: up
 ↓ or j: down
 PgUp or CTRL+u: One screen up
 PgDn or CTRL+d: One screen down
 Home or g: Top of the list
 End or G: Bottom of the list


 ENTER: Open the selected page with your favorite browser
 d: Delete Pocket entry
 a: Add (if list archive) or archive (if list unread)


Consider sponsoring my work if you want to see new, fresh, and crunchy little CLIs (and TUIs) all over your system.

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  • Thanks to the project go-pocket, it gave me the basic data structures and other ideas.
  • Thanks to MariaLetta for the awesome and beautiful Gopher pack! I used it for my logo on top.
  • Thanks to Lukasz Adam for his free and amazing illustrations I use basically everywhere.


Apache Licence 2.0

  • continuous url fetching

    continuous url fetching

    url fetching process is continuous without stop, when i issued the following command in terminal.

    gocket list -c 20 -t | sed 'N;s#\n# /// #' | fzf | awk -F ' /// ' '{print $2}' | xargs w3m 
    gocket list -c 20 -t | sed 'N;s#\n# /// #' | fzf | awk -F ' /// ' '{print $2}' | xargs firefox

    gocket list -c 20 is fetchng urls list without any problem.

    I request you to give browser option in configuration file ( to set terminal browsers like w3m ) as interface of terminal browser goes well with gocket tui and change over to view mode is quick.

    w3m with readerview gives distraction free reading experience.

    opened by muralikodali 9
  • Authorization issue with Pocket on Windows

    Authorization issue with Pocket on Windows

    Hi there,

    Thanks for making this tool, this is great! I always like seeing new TUI clients for online services.


    I'm trying to run gocket from Powershell in Windows Terminal on Windows 10. I've built the binary from source and followed the authorization instructions in the README and saved the application key in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\gocket\config.yml.

    However, when I run gocket list, a new webpage opens to authorize the application with Pocket for the first time, and the application doesn't authorize.


    There isn't any more specific information than this, so I'm not sure where the issue might be.


    Gocket does run properly within Windows Subsystem for Linux

    Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux, I've built the binary again in my Ubuntu subsystem and copied the config.yml file from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\gocket\config.yml. to /home/<user>/.config/gocket/config.yml. When I run gocket list, the app authorizes correctly and I can see my saved list.

    So I think I've made the application key correctly and stored it in the right format.

    Console error message

    On Windows, when the authorization step fails, there are a couple errors listed in the Firefox console that may help with diagnosing the issue.


    On Microsoft Edge (Chromium version), the console error is similar but slightly different.


    Machine information

    Just in case this will help, here is some information about my system.

    | Variable | Value | | --------- | ------ | | Operating system | Windows 10 Pro version 20H2 x86_64 | | Kernel | Kernel: 10.0.19042 | | Browser | Firefox 87.0, Edge 89.0.774.63 |


    opened by jrhawley 2
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