Plays videos using Prometheus and Grafana, e.g. Bad Apple.

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Plays videos using Prometheus and Grafana, e.g. Bad Apple.



Currently 3 different modes are supported.


The bitmap mode either creates a sample or does not, depending on the brightness of the source image. It is the only mode compatible with the Prometheus UI.




The RGB mode creates a metric and sets a brightness label matching an override for each unique brightness.

This is made with 256 unique overrides.

Example coming soon.


The RGB mode creates offset metrics for red, green, and blue, and sets a brightness label matching an override for each unique color/brightness.

This is 22-bit color, made with 640 unique overrides.



A while back I thought this blog post and the corresponding source code were kind of fun. After seeing some of kevinjycui's bad apple videos I thought combining these two ideas could be an interesting (and hilariously terrible) idea.

How to use

  • Download a video e.g. bad_apple.mkv
  • Figure out the output resolution, you should scale 1:1 with height being the number of time series you want.
  • Get a png sequence ffmpeg -i bad_apple.mkv -vf "scale=180:135" -vsync 0 frames\out%06d.png
  • If you would like to make sure that the y axis doesn't change, you can add 1px white bars to each frame. e.g.
    • ffmpeg -i frames\out%06d.png -vf "crop=in_w:in_h-1:0:1,pad=iw+0:ih+1:0:1:#[email protected],format=rgb24" -y frames\out%06d.png
    • ffmpeg -i frames\out%06d.png -vf "crop=in_w:in_h-1:0:-1,pad=iw+0:ih+1:0:-1:#[email protected],format=rgb24" -y frames\out%06d.png
  • go run main.go --project="bad_apple" (use --help to see all arguments)
  • Loop over the files and send them to promtool tsdb create-blocks-from openmetrics
  • docker compose up
  • Wait for Prometheus to compact etc. so it doesn't take 20 years to render.
  • Run a script to record all the frames from the UI. (Mediocre examples are in the scripts directory.)
  • cd to wherever you stored your screenshots.
  • Generate the video file ffmpeg -framerate 30 -i '%06d.png' -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p out.mp4
  • Add grafana + color support

    Add grafana + color support

    opened by MacroPower 0
  • Add Prometheus Jukebox

    Add Prometheus Jukebox

    opened by MacroPower 0
  • Switch to Grafana 8.0

    Switch to Grafana 8.0

    This PR switches to Grafana 8 and Image Renderer 3.

    I've kept the old dashboard, which behaves almost the same as before. It takes about 5-10% less time to render each frame versus Grafana 7.

    I've also added a new dashboard which uses the new Time Series panel (pvr-dash-8), which takes about 50-60% less time to render each frame versus the old Graph panel. The downside is that it looks (in my opinion) slightly worse, as the horizontal gaps between pixels are slightly easier to see.

    For the new dashboard, I just wrote jsonnet for the overrides since I couldn't find anything in the grafana libraries for the Time Series panel. You have to manually paste the output in the grafana-created dashboard json.

    opened by MacroPower 0
  • Any chance to do Nyan Cat?

    Any chance to do Nyan Cat? might be a challenge because colors, but would be awesome.

    opened by RichiH 9
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