Layer2 version of wireguard with Floyd Warshall implement in go.




A Full Mesh Layer2 VPN based on wireguard-go

OSPF can find best route based on it's cost.
But sometimes the lentancy are different in the packet goes and back.
I'am thinking, is it possible to find the best route based on the single-way latency?
For example, I have two routes A and B at node N1, both of them can reach my node N2. A goes fast, but B backs fast.
My VPN can automatically send packet through route A at node N1, and the packet backsfrom route B.

Here is the solution. This VPN Etherguard can collect all the single-way lentancy from all nodes, and calculate the best route using Floyd–Warshall algorithm.


Usage of ./etherguard-go:
  -config string
        Config path.
        Print example config
        Show this help
  -mode string
        Running mode. [super|edge|solve]
        Do not use UAPI
        Show version


  1. Static Mode: Similar to origional wireguard. Introduction.
  2. Super Mode: Inspired byn2n. Introduction.
  3. P2P Mode: Inspired bytinc. Introduction.

Common Config Paramater

Edge Config

  1. interface
    1. itype: Interface type.
      1. dummy: Dymmy interface, drop any packet received. You need this if you want to setup it as a relay node.
      2. stdio: Wrtie to stdout,read from stdin.
        Paramaters: macaddrprefix,l2headermode
      3. udpsock: Write to an udp socket, and read from an net assress.
        Paramaters: macaddrprefix,recvaddr,sendaddr
      4. vpp: Integrate to VPP by libmemif.
        Paramaters: name,vppifaceid,vppbridgeid,macaddrprefix,mtu
      5. tap: Read/Write to tap device from linux.
        Paramaters: name,macaddrprefix,vppifaceid,mtu
    2. name : Device name
    3. vppifaceid: Interface ID。Muse be unique in same VPP runtime
    4. vppbridgeid: VPP Bridge ID. Fill 0 if you don't use it.
    5. macaddrprefix: Mac address Prefix.
      Real Mac address=[Prefix]:[NodeID].
      If you fill full mac address here, NodeID will be ignored.
    6. recvaddr: Listen address for udpsock mode
    7. sendaddr: Packet send address for udpsock mode
    8. l2headermode: For debug usage, stdio and udpsock mode only
      1. nochg: Do not change anything.
      2. kbdbg: Keyboard debug mode.
        Let me construct Layer 2 header by ascii character only.
        So that I can track the packet flow with loglevel option.
      3. noL2: Remove all Layer 2 header
  2. nodeid: NodeID. Must be unique in the whole Etherguard network.
  3. nodename: Node Name.
  4. privkey: Private key. Same spec as wireguard.
  5. listenport: UDP lesten port
  6. loglevel: Log Level
    1. loglevel: debug,error,slient for wirefuard logger.
    2. logtransit: Log packets that neither the source or distenation is self.
    3. logcontrol: Log for all Control Message.
    4. lognormal: Log packets that either the source or distenation is self.
    5. logntp: NTP related logs.
  7. dynamicroute: Log for dynamic route.
    1. sendpinginterval: Send Ping interval
    2. dupchecktimeout: Duplication chack timeout.
    3. conntimeout: Connection timeout.
    4. savenewpeers: Save peer info to local file.
    5. supernode: See Super Mode
    6. p2p See P2P Mode
    7. ntpconfig: NTP related settings
      1. usentp: USE NTP or not.
      2. maxserveruse: How many NTP servers should we use at once.
        First time we will measure lentancy for all NTP server, next time it will use only fastest server.
      3. synctimeinterval: NTP sync interval.
      4. ntptimeout: NTP timeout
      5. servers: NTP server list
  8. nexthoptable: Nexthop table。Only static mode use it. See Static Mㄍㄟ
  9. resetconninterval: Reset the endpoint for peers. You may need this if that peer use DDNS.
  10. peers: Peer info.
    1. nodeid: Node ID.
    2. pubkey: Public key.
    3. pskey: Preshared key. Not implement yet.
    4. endpoint: Peer enddpoint. Will be overwrite if the peer roaming unless static=true.
    5. static: Do not overwrite by roaming and reset the connection every resetconninterval seconds.

Super config

See Super Mode.


No-vpp version

Build Etherguard.

Install Go 1.16

add-apt-repository ppa:longsleep/golang-backports
apt-get -y update
apt-install -y wireguard-tools golang-go build-essential



VPP version

Build Etherguard with VPP integrated.
You need installed to run this version.

Install VPP and libemif

/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ curl -L | sudo apt-key add - apt-get -y update apt-get install -y vpp vpp-plugin-core python3-vpp-api vpp-dbg vpp-dev libmemif libmemif-dev ">
echo "deb [trusted=yes] focal main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
curl -L | sudo apt-key add -
apt-get -y update
apt-get install -y vpp vpp-plugin-core python3-vpp-api vpp-dbg vpp-dev libmemif libmemif-dev


make vpp
  • Add static build and CI

    Add static build and CI

    This PR provides following features:

    • statically linked build to Makefile.
    • Github Action workflow to upload build results on multiple arch when publish a new release.

    You can build statically linked executables by using make static and make vpp-statc.

    Following arch are supported in workflow:
    | | no-vpp version, dynamic | no-vpp version, static | vpp version, dynamic| vpp version, static | | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | | x86_64 | ✔️ | ✔️ | ✔️ | ⛔ | | mipsle | ✔️ | ✔️ | ⛔ | ⛔ | | aarch64 | ✔️ | ✔️ | ✔️ | ⛔ | | armv7 | ✔️ | ✔️ | ⛔ | ⛔ |

    Known issues

    • ~make vpp-static will fail in the workflow.~ (Deleted)
    opened by lss233 0
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