Official codebase and releases for the DEXbot Client application



DEXbot is a decentralized application that acts as a sidecar to your cryptocurrency wallet, allowing you to automate selling your tokens 24/7. DEXbot has cross chain compatibility and works with any EVM compatible blockchain, side-chain or Layer 2.

Users can configure token settings like the amount of tokens to never to sell below, what price to never sell below, the minimum amount of tokens to sell during a transaction, the maximum amount of tokens to sell during a transaction and more! DEXbot takes the legwork and emotions out of selling your tokens so that you don't have to keep an eye on the charts.

DEXbot is designed to sell tokens without a negative impact on the token price by monitoring key stats and taking token health into consideration. DEXbot only sells directly after a buy transaction, allowing you to sell as the price goes up and without affecting the token health. This is great for whales as well as token developer/marketing wallets that are focused on keeping the token price healthy and growing.

Users can connect any cryptocurrency wallet (even cold storage wallets). DEXbot allows a user to connect multiple wallets at a time through a single client application, allowing you to automate as many wallets as you want across any supported chain.

We are extremely focused on security and that is why we open sourced the DEXbot Client Application and have checksums for every release. You can check out the source code and even compile the application binary yourself if you prefer. We built the client application so that is easy to read with comments on every line so even if you are not a developer, you can read through the code. To use DEXbot, a user will need to enter their private key on their local machine but it is very important to note that DEXbot never retrieves, stores, transmits, or logs your private key. The DEXbot application is local to your computer, has no persistence and all data is destroyed after the program is terminated.

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  • v0.2.1(Mar 17, 2022)

    Hash: SHA256
    1547aa615b05b54648138fbd41a8720314bd7ed4fc2b75436e3e2da62eb26bd8 dexbot-linux
    e549e23416740eac71c8d600af26ab43eb437e02d5e425d1b06d4236bfec5a8e dexbot-windows.exe
    5ffdc02959d4004fa2e26da646fbeb3d4dce96e23aeb103dedfc6d6f5444b3f5 dexbot-mac
    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

    Patch Notes v0.2.1


    • Patched bug with NodeURL initialization when running from only the binary
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    checksums.txt(1.10 KB)
    checksums.txt.sig(833 bytes)
    dexbot-linux(9.94 MB)
    dexbot-mac(9.56 MB)
    dexbot-windows.exe(10.06 MB)
    publickey.asc(3.06 KB)
  • v0.2.0(Mar 9, 2022)

    Hash: SHA256
    bae871d9ed6cbba8ffe809de2420b392bad675e51a7d388dff84ee15b8a872cb dexbot-linux
    ba58701991d9fde4a78a9946fe8bd9f286b7f202b4fb2dbe54a434b60a5913d0 dexbot-windows.exe
    ff185565f7e981e58b1db5c07a63c245727ddfd20daa773db8d611af0c66faba dexbot-mac
    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

    Patch Notes v0.2.0


    • Say goodbye to custodial wallets! We have deployed a smart contract to trustlessly handle all swap logic on chain. Now, DEXbot creates a transaction for the client application to sign, which is sent to our smart contract called the Abacus. This smart contract simply interacts with the DEX (Uniswap, PancakeSwap ect.) and then sends the chain's native token back to you without any custodial wallets involved. In addition to this upgrade, we are continually working on a fully decentralized implementation of DEXbot.


    • Added transaction checks when signing a transaction. Checks the address the transaction is going to as well as the transaction input data parameters. This adds a layer of trustlessness, allowing a user to know that the client will never sign a transaction that is not going to the right place. In future updates, further client side checks will be implemented.

    • Node URLs! We have implemented Node URLs to enable the client application to check LP addresses during transaction signing. In the future this will be used to validate prices during transaction signing as well. You can add any Node URL, or use the default public node provided. Just replace the node url in internal/config/node_URLs.json to use a custom node.

    • Added foundation for multi-chain compatibility. Next stop, Polygon! We are looking at integrating other L2s as well like Arbitrum and Optimism.


    • Increased runtime efficiency, making the cortex run faster.

    • Reduced data payloads to improve server side load.


    • Increased runtime efficiency, making the cortex run faster.

    • Reduced data payloads to improve server side load.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    checksums.txt(1.10 KB)
    checksums.txt.sig(833 bytes)
    dexbot-linux(9.94 MB)
    dexbot-mac(9.56 MB)
    dexbot-windows.exe(10.06 MB)
    publickey.asc(3.06 KB)
  • v0.1.0(Jan 15, 2022)

    Initial release for the DEXbot Client application.

    Hash: SHA256
    9cf3f42ee56a29eeb18e057806e9f246dcf9117c62c4e5225f8d4be2fcac5944 dexbot-linux
    4512e6c77c10c4840439dc3c944d2503ae03412998f8fdacfb53a0d6c51d3427 dexbot-windows.exe
    eb34e9bbf0f8739d5f65d8474721b395960dd4634a6a2888e4e8543b8a4ee661 dexbot-mac
    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    checksums.txt(1.10 KB)
    checksums.txt.sig(833 bytes)
    dexbot-linux(8.95 MB)
    dexbot-mac(8.56 MB)
    dexbot-windows.exe(9.02 MB)
    publickey.asc(3.06 KB)
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