DingTalk (dingding) is the go implementation of the DingTalk robot. DingTalk(dingding) 是钉钉机器人的 go 实现



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DingTalk(dingding) 是钉钉机器人的 go 实现。支持 Docker、Jenkinsfile、命令行模式,module 模式;支持加签安全设置,支持链式语法创建消息;支持文本、链接、Markdown、ActionCard、FeedCard 消息类型。






Docker 安装

docker pull catchzeng/dingtalk


releases 下载相应平台的二进制可执行文件,然后加入到 PATH 环境变量即可。

go get 安装

go get github.com/CatchZeng/dingtalk



可以在 $/HOME/.dingtalk 下创建 config.yaml 填入 access_tokensecret 默认值。

access_token: "1c53e149ba5de6597cxxxxxx0e901fdxxxxxx80b8ac141e4a75afdc44c85ca4f"
secret: "SECb90923e19e58b466481e9e7b7a5bxxxxxx4531axxxxxxad3967fb29f0eae5c68"


docker run catchzeng/dingtalk dingtalk text -t 1c53e149ba5de6597cxxxxxx0e901fdxxxxxx80b8ac141e4a75afdc44c85ca4f -s SECb90923e19e58b466481e9e7b7a5bxxxxxx4531axxxxxxad3967fb29f0eae5c68 -c "docker test"


pipeline {
    agent {
        docker {
            image 'catchzeng/dingtalk:latest'
    environment {
        DING_TOKEN = '1c53e149ba5de6597cxxxxxx0e901fdxxxxxx80b8ac141e4a75afdc44c85ca4f'
        DING_SECRET = 'SECb90923e19e58b466481e9e7b7a5bxxxxxx4531axxxxxxad3967fb29f0eae5c68'
    stages {
        stage('notify') {
            steps {
                sh 'dingtalk link -t ${DING_TOKEN} -s ${DING_SECRET} -i "标题" -e "信息" -u "https://catchzeng.com/" -p "https://catchzeng.com/img/avatar-hux.jpg" -a'

作为 module

package main

import (


func main() {
	  accessToken := "1c53e149ba5de6597cxxxxxx0e901fdxxxxxx80b8ac141e4a75afdc44c85ca4f"
    secret := "SECb90923e19e58b466481e9e7b7a5bxxxxxx4531axxxxxxad3967fb29f0eae5c68"
    client := dingtalk.NewClient(accessToken, secret)

    msg := dingtalk.NewTextMessage().SetContent("测试文本&at 某个人").SetAt([]string{"177010xxx60"}, false)



dingtalk text -t 1c53e149ba5de6597cxxxxxx0e901fdxxxxxx80b8ac141e4a75afdc44c85ca4f -s SECb90923e19e58b466481e9e7b7a5bxxxxxx4531axxxxxxad3967fb29f0eae5c68 -c "测试命令行 & at 某个人" -m "177010xxx60","177010xxx61"


$ dingtalk -h
dingtalk is a command line tool for DingTalk

  dingtalk [command]

Available Commands:
  actionCard  send actionCard message with DingTalk robot
  feedCard    send feedCard message with DingTalk robot
  help        Help about any command
  link        send link message with DingTalk robot
  markdown    send markdown message with DingTalk robot
  text        send text message with DingTalk robot
  version     dingtalk version

  -m, --atMobiles strings   atMobiles
  -h, --help                help for dingtalk
  -a, --isAtAll             isAtAll
  -s, --secret string       secret
  -t, --token string        access_token

Use "dingtalk [command] --help" for more information about a command.


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