Golang Code Challenge for PARSPOOYESH

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You must have go and Docker installed on your machine also you need to go get this Dependencies:

name repo
gorilla/mux https://github.com/gorilla/mux
go redis https://github.com/go-redis/redis


  1. Use docker run --name redis-usdb -p "yourPort":6379 -d redis to connect redis to port "yourPort".

    ("yourPort" is set to 8282 by default, but if you want to change it, change redisPort in config.json)

    Broker will be use port 8080 by default, to change it go to file config.json.

  2. build and run main.go file(go run main.go) to start the app.

  3. Go to publisher package and run go run publish.go (to start the publisher for broker).

Testing each part

You can go to each package and run go test to test that specefic part,

also there is an integration test in cmd package which check connection between different parts.

Armin Goodarzi
CE student at the AmirKabir University of Technology.
Armin Goodarzi
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