some dancing gophers in your terminal



some dancing gophers in your terminal, my followup to terminalman.. dancing gophers

heres how I make these files.. find a nice image, or animated gif that you want to use in your terminal. download and compile pixterm -->

then find your image, split it into the individual frames (gif2jpeg or whatever tool you want to use)

use pixterm to display a frame in your terminal... where frame.jpg is on of your image frames such as:

./pixterm -s 2 -tc 25 -tr 25 frame.jpg

if it looks good, run

./pixterm -go -s 2 -tc 25 -tr 25 frame1.jpg >> frames.go

./pixterm -go -s 2 -tc 25 -tr 25 frame2.jpg >> frames.go

.. run the command for each frame in your animation, it saves it all in the frames.go file..

the frames.go file, convert the fmt.Printf("") statements to a string array, use your text editors column edit function (shift + right click in sublime) to easily edit the file into this format:

   var animationFrames = []string {

replace the "" with the ansi-escaped Printf strings that pixterm generates.. you should now have a string array of each animation frame.

To figure out your individual frame sizes.. use a helper function such as

   func drawFrameIndex() {
       for i,v := range animationFrames {
          fmt.Printf("%d %v",i,v)

Then run it and it will print out all the frames, with the index values.. figure out the start/end ranges of each frame (I do it by hand but I suppose you could do it programmatically)..

as for the rest.. check out the code to see how it draws the frames based on the counters. It just does a lookup on the initial index and adds the frame length, and draws it at the l,c (line,column or x,y) on the terminal.

I (heart) my CLI
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